Cheat Prompts You Should Use on ChatGPT to Improve Results

Bossjob Cheat Prompts You Should Use on ChatGPT to Improve Results

Since its inception in November 2022, the ChatGPT AI Conversation model has been user-friendly and provides a range of answers to even the most complex questions. Notwithstanding, numerous people have yet to learn how to get faster results specifically narrowed down to what they want. There are cheat prompts that can make access to results at ChatGPT hassle-free and favorable to everyone.

This guide will provide some of these cheat prompts and how they can be used to improve results.

Write Diverse Perspectives

ChatGPT is designed to provide the best argument for each prompt entered, which may, sometimes, not be ideal when one wants to consider options. One of the cheat prompts that can mitigate this is entering the phrase “diverse perspectives” in a prompt to allow the AI to produce different arguments. 

For instance, write an argument on how to build a strong employer brand from multiple diverse perspectives. This prompt provides a range of responses suitable for comparing and considering the various alternatives available.

Specify The Number, Type of Email, and Target Audience When Writing Email Subjects

How we craft email subjects is handy in writing emotional, business, or corporate emails. For employees, good email subjects may matter when responding to a rejection email or writing a thank you email due to the emotional gravity associated with such emails. When using ChatGPT to write these email subjects, one of the cheat prompts that can help you is indicating the number, type of email, and target audience. 

For instance, can you write me 4 email subjects to respond to an email rejection in a fast food restaurant?

Use Translate With Context Prompt

ChatGPT allows users to translate words from one language to another instantly. However, due to linguistic relativity, different words may mean different things in diverse languages affecting their usage. ChatGPT allows users to navigate this challenge by inserting the context in which they apply it in the prompt. 

For instance, can you translate ‘tip’ in the context of an informal interaction in Chinese? This is one of the cheat prompts that can help professionals in the translation business, such as virtual assistant translators, avoid sensitive words that are acceptable in one language but offensive in another.

Enter Specific Health Aspects When Using ChatGPT to Improve Health

Numerous people are using ChatGPT to access health-related answers to a plethora of questions. Nevertheless, the responses provided may not often be ideal, especially if they do not specifically indicate the health aspect the user is interested in. Users can get more customized responses by precisely indicating the health issue and following it with a question.

For example: “How can I reduce burnout in the workplace by exercising more?”. ChatGPT will tailor the response to burnout in the workplace, offering more wholesome solutions.

These cheat prompts are in no way exhaustive. At a closer look, they emphasize the significance of being specific with the argument, number, and type of help the user wants. This may allow ChatGPT to provide customized responses that are ultimately beneficial. 

As a bonus, always remember to use the simplest form of a question for the best responses in ChatGPT.

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