7 Ways to Thank Coronavirus Helpers

Panic overpowered every country as a new streak of coronavirus surfaced, shaking every industry to the core. The COVID-19 pandemic has left businesses with little to no time to prepare for effective contingency plans. From major industries to small businesses, no one was ready for this new type of battle.

Yet, there are individuals who stood forward in combating the deadly virus. Doctors, nurses, researchers, custodial workers, and more essential workers joined hands in containing the pandemic. These passionate individuals work on the front lines to contain the virus and help the affected people.

As we thank the coronavirus helpers who risk their lives every day to protect the public, we must also keep in mind that expressing gratitude is effective only if we help in various ways, too. That said, here are 7 ways to thank coronavirus helpers:

1. Stay at home

The frontliners said it themselves: staying at home this quarantine period is the best way we can help. Flattening the curve is possible only if the public cooperates. There are lots of things you can do while in quarantine. Take this moment to rest and bond with your family. You can even rekindle your love for art and old hobbies. If you’re working at home, heed the guidelines and stay at home until it’s safe outside.

2. Keep yourself healthy.

The life most of us were accustomed to was far from the constant stress and paranoia we suffer now. Due to the panic-stricken fear of being infected, people are constantly worrying about how they will face tomorrow. Keeping ourselves physically healthy makes us immune to the virus, but maintaining our mental well-being matters, too. Bear in mind that this pandemic will pass and the future will surely come.

3. Follow protocols.

To express our utmost gratitude, we must follow the safety procedures our government is implementing, too. If you are to go outside, wear a mask, and keep yourself distanced from other people. Also, use sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Abide by the curfew hours and look out for important announcements regarding your area.

4. Donate goods.

If you are among the fortunate ones who can still work at home despite the pandemic’s threat to businesses, donating any kind of help will do. It can be in the form of money or tangible goods—you decide. If you want to donate to hospitals, they are in need of protective equipment and supplies. If you’d like to help the public instead, basic goods are ideal. All forms of help are appreciated in these challenging times.

5. Give blood

Due to stay-at-home orders, people are opting to stay within the vicinity of their homes. Therefore, blood donors are getting fewer. If this keeps up, our health facilities can experience a blood shortage and may lead to worse problems in the future. US Surgeon General Jerome Adams, MD, MPH rolled out a statement saying, “You can still go out and give blood. We’re worried about blood shortages in the future. Social distancing does not have to mean social disengagement.” This highlights the importance of donating blood, whatever crisis there may be. If you’re interested, visit DOH’s blood services website now.

6. Share relevant news

Most of us use social media all the time. But did you know that by sharing relevant news and articles about the pandemic, you are actually helping the public? This is a time where fraudulent news is rampant and unwavering, so sharing real news will rid the public of fear and help spread rightful facts.

7. Give thanks

A simple ‘thank you’ may not reach the entirety of coronavirus helpers, so people—especially netizens— are taking it to a whole new level. Through public posts, photos, videos, and advertisements, the public is expressing their heartfelt gratitude to the helpers who work on the front and back lines. Even Google expressed their deepest gratitude to the essential workers who selflessly volunteered to work amid the pandemic. Google’s famous Doodle series, which ran from April 6 to 7, 2020, thanked every worker who continues to battle tirelessly for the people.

Who knew expressing gratitude to our own coronavirus helpers can be done in many ways? Let’s give our loudest thanks to the people who battle the virus head-on! To every coronavirus helper out there, your compassion, commitment, and aptitude continue to inspire every citizen in the world. Thank you for being in this battle with us.

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Photo by Giftpundits.com from Pexels

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