9 Beauty Tips to Stay Fresh at Work

A long, busy day at work may make you feel tired. Aside from feeling physically exhausted, tiredness can also show on your face. For busy women (and men!), having a complicated beauty routine may not be advisable. 

However, when at work, you need to be able to look presentable despite deadlines and work stress. How do you ensure that you stay fresh throughout the day despite your busy work schedule? Here are some tips!

1. Choose multipurpose makeup

Use makeup that has more than one use. Multi-function makeup helps lessen preparation time. This way, you can prepare in the morning faster. Should you need to re-touch in the middle of the day, such makeup products will also help you do the deed quickly. 

For instance, get a foundation that also acts like a concealer. You can also purchase mascara that volumizes while giving your lashes extra curl. Nowadays, you can also find clay blush that may also serve as eye shadow. Tinted moisturizers are worth checking out, too, as they keep your face moisturized while giving just enough coverage.

2. Get eye whitener or brightener drops or serum

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder — so is stress and tiredness. With your busy schedule, you probably don’t get enough sleep every night. An eye whitener or brightener drop or serum can brighten up your eyes, making you look less tired. Fresh eyes also help you stay awake.

3. Choose tinted moisturizer over foundation

For days that you don’t need the full coverage that a foundation gives, opt for tinted moisturizer. Most tinted moisturizers provide protection against the sun and keep your face moisturized while giving you a subtle glow, as well as enough base for light makeup. Men can also use tinted moisturizers!

4. Consider eyelash dyeing

Do you often have trouble putting on mascara? Consider investing in eyelash dyeing. Just make sure to have it done by a reliable cosmetic specialist. Dyed eyelashes will give you that “awake” look every single time.

5. Get your eyebrows professionally shaped or microbladed

As with having your eyelashes died, getting your eyebrows professionally shaped and microbladed will keep you looking fresh and “ready” all the time, even with less makeup. 

6. Make skincare a priority

Do not sleep with makeup on — ever. Make sure you sleep with a thoroughly clean face. Moisturize with a sleeping serum or pack. When you take care of your skin, you can pull off not having too much makeup on the next day. 

7. Get enough sleep

Adults need at least six hours of sleep every day. Ideally, eight hours. As much as possible, don’t sacrifice sleep. Hit the sack on time and put your phone away when it’s time to go to bed. This is the key to feeling and looking less stressed at daytime.

8. Stay hydrated

You need to stay hydrated to keep your skin healthy, and well, your body and mind, too. Drink lots of water, especially when eating oily food.

9. Keep a moisturizing mist handy

Spray on a refreshing and moisturizing facial mist to keep your face supple and moisturized throughout the day!

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