5 Common Recruitment Challenges and Their Solutions

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There were 2.5 million job vacancies in the Philippines in 2023, almost double that of the previous year, reports Statista. With so many positions to fill, recruiters often end up with recruitment challenges that cost companies a whopping 80% in employee turnover, according to Harvard Business Review. Not only is this number abysmal, it’s also demoralizing for employees who observe the revolving door of colleagues come and go. Ultimately, this negatively impacts company culture and reputation, on top of reducing productivity. 

To help companies hire the right talent quickly, reduce turnover, increase company morale and reputation, as well as reduce hiring costs and enhance productivity, we listed tips on how to overcome recruitment challenges most commonly encountered by employers today, along with solutions to help overcome them.

5 Common Recruitment Challenges and Solutions

The woes of recruiters revolve around finding the right people and making sure they are hired as soon as possible. But without the right platform and tools, it’s easy to fall into the trap of a wrong hire. Below are effective solutions you can implement immediately that will help you get amazing hires.

Problem 1: Attracting The Right Talent

Solution: Know Where To Look

You can be the most skilled recruiter and still fail to attract the right talent if you’re looking at the wrong places. When it comes to attracting talent, audience targeting is crucial, and the right platform or job portal is key.

As online job portals become increasingly sophisticated, employers can go through tens and thousands of profiles with just a few clicks. With intelligent filters, you can screen for experience, industry, background, salary expectations, geographic location, and more!

These platforms also allow employers to be more strategic in targeting potential candidates. Contrary to popular belief, the best candidates tend to be employed and not actively looking for roles. Therefore, having the option to chat with applicants directly to create engagement and discuss positions can go a long way in attracting the right applicants.

Not only that, reputable online job portals like Bossjob, allow employers to post open roles and create company profiles, giving them an opportunity to highlight benefits that job candidates are seeking. With detailed advertisement for open roles, companies are better positioned to attract qualified applicants for the open position.

Problem 2: Poor Skills Assessment

Solution: Use Reliable Tests

Resumes and interviews only help you understand the tip of the iceberg when considering applicants for a role. Interpretations of these are also subjective, making the interview process unreliable, prone to mismatches in hiring, and reflects badly on your company.

On the other hand, reliable tests provided by top job boards allow employers to objectively evaluate a candidate’s skills, strengths, and weaknesses. These tests are systematic and can easily be accomplished online. Such could leave a good impression on your applicants, helping them see your company as progressive, valuing skills and merit over other factors.

Problem 3: Unfair Recruitment

Solution: Be Systematic With The Hiring Process

Recruiters and hiring managers have biases that influence their hiring decisions. Not only is this unfair to candidates and creates a bad reputation for your compan, but it also leads to job mismatch which can be incredibly costly. When employees are unfit for the job they’re hired to do, they are not as productive, and this impacts operational efficiency and can contribute to faster employee turnover. 

Moreover, if you made hiring decisions based on political views, ethnicity, religion, gender, or physical appearance, you can face a lawsuit, which not only costs money but also endangers your brand reputation.

Problem 4: Candidate Drop-offs

Solution: Improve Applicant Experience

A job applicant starts getting to know your company the moment they apply for one of your open positions. This means that as you evaluate their fit for your roles, they are also evaluating your viability as an employer. That’s why it important to give a positive impression, and a huge part of that is swift communication.

Rather than engaging via email, use direct chat features in job portals like Bossjob with high active response rates, allowing employers and jobseekers to communicate quickly, avoiding drop offs.

Problem 5: Slow Hiring Process

Solution: Streamline and Optimize

The speed with which companies hire employees is directly impacted by how well they attract talent, evaluate their skills and fit, and keep them engaged. When all these go well, what’s left is to streamline the hiring process by optimizing time-consuming tasks such as shortlisting profiles, setting meetings for interviews, and sending back and forth emails to communicate.

Such inefficiencies drag out the hiring process and risk applicants losing interest and dropping off from the application. Using the right tools matter a lot here, providing you a way to screen profiles and evaluate their skills objectively, automating the booking and rebooking of interviews, and providing direct and immediate communication between applicant and employer. These features allow candidates to move from one stage of the interview process to the next much quicker, reducing your time-to-hire. 

Current recruitment challenges have made hiring the right people incredibly stressful and time-consuming. But it can be made easier when you utilize advanced, AI-powered job portals like Bossjob, that aim to streamline and accelerate the recruitment process. With over 3 million active job seekers, accurate filters, and direct chat  with job applicants, employers can reduce time to hire.

Improve your hiring process. Visit Bossjob to learn more!

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