It’s A Match: Let Bossjob’s robo-headhunting service find the best jobs for you 24/7

Bossjob's Robo-headhunting Launch
Bossjob Robo-headhunting Launch

Easy step-by-step guide on how you can activate your robo-headhunter on Bossjob

Bossjob has taken another great leap in its vision to be a career platform for professionals, with the launch of Bossjob Robo-Headhunting – a fully-automated executive placement service based on machine learning algorithms built from millions of job seeker and employer activities on Bossjob.

For Employers

6 easy steps to enable Bossbjob’s Robo-Headhunting

  1. Login or sign up on our website and purchase a job posting subscription plan.
  1. Click on Pricing & Packages at the top right of your dashboard and select a subscription plan that best suits your needs. Starting from just ₱4,000/month, you get to enjoy value-added services including resume search and download credits, featured job posting, urgent job posting, talent scoring, robo-headhunting and many more.
  1. Once you’ve successfully purchased the plan, click on Post Job at the top right of the page and fill in the details of your job post. Follow the steps and finally submit the job post for publishing.
  1. The job post you have submitted is now pending approval. Click on Enable Robo-headhunting to activate our robo-headhunting service for this role.
  1. Give it a few seconds and you will be notified that the Robo-headhunting service has been successfully enabled.
  1. Visit your Bossjob Dashboard daily to check on new candidates that have indicated interest for your vacancy. Let’s do our best to inform these candidates as soon as possible if they have been shortlisted for an interview.

Yes! Not only these candidates have been identified to be a fit for your company/vacancy, they are interested to join you!

Go through steps 1-6 for each job that you wish to enable our robo-headhunting service. 

So how does robo-headhunting work for employers?

Our algorithms work tirelessly 24/7 to surface the most suitable candidates from the pool of passive candidates in our database, identifying and predicting matches between candidates and hiring companies/vacancies. Once a pool of relevant candidates have been populated, our system will push a notification to qualify their interest in the vacancies.

Upon shortlisting these candidates for an interview, you’ll be able to get in touch with them directly through our Bossjob Chat and proceed to the next step of your hiring process.

For Jobseekers

We know first-hand just how tedious and unmotivating job hunting can be, especially so in the current state of the pandemic. Job seekers often spend a lot of time going through individual job postings, opening hundreds of tabs and endlessly scrolling through job details and qualifying prerequisites. 

Bossjob’s robo-headhunting is designed to help you get a job match more efficiently and confidently, as well as spare you the disappointments. 

4 foolproof steps to start using Bossjob’s Robo-Headhunting today

  1. Login or sign up on our website and ensure you have completed your profile.
  1. Click on Manage Resume at the top right corner to ensure that all the mandatory fields are completed and have all your latest information. This is crucial for our robo-headhunting service to find you relevant opportunities.

Hint: If you wish to stay on top of the game and ensure that you receive the best job matches possible, update your profile regularly to include all the latest skills and courses you’ve acquired. Our algorithms will recognise them right away!

  1. Click on Headhunt Me at the top of your dashboard and click on Opt-in to get headhunted button.
  1. Check your Dashboard daily to view New Opportunities that best fit your profile and experience!

So how will robo-headhunting work for job seekers?

Bossjob’s algorithms will leverage on all the information you’ve shared in your profile, including job interests, and identify jobs that match your career best. Once there is a match, our system will push a notification to you via email and on your dashboard. You’ll have the opportunity to look at the details of these jobs and if you wish to be contacted for the job, simply click on Interested.

Employers will be notified of your interest and will be able to get in touch with you directly via Bossjob Chat

Get a jumpstart on Bossjob’s headhunting service today or check out some of our helpful career advice on our blog.

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