Why the Philippines Make the World’s Most Sought-After Market for Virtual Assistance Roles

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Companies and businesses from different parts of the world realize the key benefits of outsourcing business processes and their role in business growth.

The most sought-after VA roles in the Philippines are mostly for content writing and communication tasks, but the country also offers a wide range of VA roles which make up for a promising outsourcing hub.

But really, why do companies outsource business and administrative tasks? Simply put, they opt to hire virtual assistants that are primarily employed by an outsourcing company to:

  • Help reduce overhead costs, since hiring full-time, in-house employees may cost more due to regular salary, employee benefits, and others
  • Save time by assigning redundant tasks to a VA and focus on core business activities

Moreover, businesses must be mindful of choosing a third-party company for their outsourcing needs to ensure quality hiring and outputs. With that, here are the top reasons why companies and businesses all around the world opt to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines.

Workforce Profile

Many companies, local and international, have been outsourcing their business processes in the Philippines for years now. The rising demand for VAs opened thousands of jobs to Filipinos. With that, the country became one of the leaders in providing virtual assistance services. As a result, Filipinos have honed their skills and experiences to be well-rounded VAs who offer world-class innovation.

Further, the current population of the Philippines is comprised of young, ambitious professionals that contribute to making the country a popular location to scout for virtual assistance roles.

Also, a typical Filipino virtual assistant is someone whose past experiences relate to working with international clients from previous careers in customer support call centers. This puts VAs in the Philippines at an advantage because of their competence in the English language as well.

Work Attitude

Filipinos are known for their strong work ethic and loyalty to companies they work for. Striving to deliver top-notch services doesn’t just mean maintaining their impressive performance to the company. It also means that they have this deep-rooted desire to empathize with and please clients to the best of their abilities.

Also, Filipinos are known to be optimistic, resilient, and loyal. For them, work culture plays a vital role in a successful business, so expect a productive and harmonious working relationship with a virtual assistant in the Philippines.

Competence and Affordability

Many Filipinos in the workforce are college or university graduates, plus their English proficiency is impressive. For international employers, this is vital in making remote communication a lot easier which then contributes to better business operations.

Businesses from all over the world hiring offshore VAs in the Philippines may also mean more competitive costs. At a relatively low rate, international companies can tap talents who deliver high-quality outputs and services. Again, this makes the Philippine market at a higher advantage as a global leader in virtual assistance and outsourcing services.
So, for job seekers aiming to land a job in one of the top outsourcing companies in the Philippines, browse through our blogs for more career advice and job search tips!

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