A Networking Guide for Introverts

If you’re an introvert, there is a likelihood you’re finding it difficult to network outside of your comfort zone. This may have a negative impact on your job search efforts and may hamper your career growth as most job interviews are scheduled through contacts and connections. Therefore, it’s important that you come out of your shell and find a way to network effortlessly without making yourself uncomfortable.

In case the idea of networking has been a challenge for you, be informed that you have just found the solutions you’ve been craving over the years. On this page we present you a networking guide for introverts. Now brace yourself and read on as we unveil our ultimate introverts’ networking guide:

Effective Networking Guide for Introverts

1. Always be yourself

You may not be the center of attention. Truth is you don’t have to be. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being an introvert. So make a resolution to always be yourself at any point it time. Trying to be what you’re not is pretence and may not yield the desired results.

You can be an introvert and benefits from being meticulous at paying attention to details. By accepting your personality, you will be able to take a good advantage of your listening skills to grab the most important tips at seminars, classes, or events. You can always be on the lookout for fellow introverts from the audience with whom you can strike discussions and share ideas based on your understanding of the subject matters.

People will be ready to network with you once they perceived that you have something to offer. You don’t have to make the loudest noise to attract people to yourself. Be you!

2. Always prepare

Whenever you have an upcoming social event, it’s imperative that you take few moment to meditate about the kind of people you would like to meet and what you would like to learn or gain from them. You can look-up some information online about some of the people that will be in attendance at the event you’re planning to attend. This will help you to prepare some line of thoughts or few questions ahead of time. Once you have your thoughts already organized, initiating and continuing a conversation will no longer be so difficult for you.

3. Find a conference buddy

If you are an introvert, you can always make a large event less intimidating for you by finding a buddy. If you’re not alone, it means you already have someone to interact with. Through your colleague you may be able to find other attendants with whom you can share ideas and contacts.

4. Take your networking online

Networking doesn’t have to be one-on-one these days. You can use platform like LinkedIn to network with professionals in your industry that can link you to available vacancies and help you to schedule an interview. Just make sure you build a great profile online.

5. Create a networking goal

You can as well challenge yourself by making a monthly networking goal. Depending on how urgent you want to see results, you can challenge yourself and make it a habit to meet at least three or more new people in a month. No doubt, this will help increase your network in no time.

6. Network one-on-one

If you’ve always find networking at big events intimidating, you can decide to do it one-on-one. Of course, it may be more comfortable for your personality type if you decide to engage people in a one-on-one conversation than attending a large event. You can make new contacts by visiting coffee shops and other places where you can chat with people in your industry.

Again, there is nothing wrong with you being an introvert. Just accept who you are and start making concrete efforts to increase your network.

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