5 Best Tech Jobs in the Philippines

Bossjob 5 Best Tech Jobs in Philippines

As more and more businesses, organizations, and companies realize the importance of technology in sustaining operations and improving their processes, the need for experts in this field continues to rise. Hence, many job seekers and even career professionals are considering entering this lucrative path as part of their short- and long-term career goals.

Now that you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them. That said, it’s best for you to be familiar with some of the best tech jobs for the future and now to help you build a fruitful career. Here are the 5 best tech jobs you can consider pursuing.

IT Support Specialist

Since organizations have different needs when it comes to IT solutions, the type of IT support specialist they need may also vary. In general, however, these IT experts are in charge of overseeing computer systems as well as providing technical support to employees. Also, here are some of their most common tasks:

  • Install, repair, and upgrade computer systems
  • Troubleshoot computer systems, servers, and networks
  • Coordinate with employees to address hardware, software, and other IT-related concerns

Average yearly pay as per PayScale: ₱244,856

Web Developer

If you’re heavily into coding, this job may be for you. Web developers specialize in creating and maintaining websites to ensure they’re functioning well based on their intended purposes. Aside from these, web developers are also tasked to do the following:

  • Address website issues such as bugs
  • Work with designers to build user-friendly websites
  • Maintain good site health by monitoring core web vitals

Average yearly pay as per PayScale: ₱295,839

Web Designer

Through their work, web designers bring in the perfect blend of design and technology. Moreover, they are responsible for the efficient implementation of web design’s two fields: User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). These are crucial in ensuring that a website is both functional and pleasing to use. Also, these are helpful in carrying out web designers’ roles, such as:

  • Conducting website tests
  • Decreasing web pages’ load time
  • Improving websites’ usability

Average yearly pay as per PayScale: ₱305,538

Computer Programmer

While web developers mainly focus on building websites, computer programmers write code, build, and troubleshoot any software in general. Their role is essential for organizations that utilize complex systems to sustain their operations and manage profit-generating processes. This is because they perform these tasks and more:

  • Capture, address, and prevent technical issues
  • Maintain up-to-date computer programs
  • Build, test, and debug software

Average yearly pay as per PayScale: ₱209,075

Information Security Analyst

Information security can also pose business risks if not mitigated and/or managed. This is where information security analysts come in. Their main responsibility is to keep an organization’s confidential information safe from hackers. This is done by carrying out the following:

  • Create, maintain, and implement data security protocols such as firewalls
  • Coordinate system updates to proactively secure assets
  • Monitor data security threats

Average yearly pay as per PayScale: ₱577,794

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