5 Best Ways to Ask If You Got the Job

Among the different phases of the job search process, the interview can be the most nerve-wracking. So, when you feel that you aced your recent interview with your dream employer, you’ll be extra hopeful.  However, you can’t celebrate fully just yet. You still need to hear it straight from the hiring personnel whether you got the job or not. 

The waiting game can be as anxiety-inducing as a series of interviews. Thinking if you said the right things, waiting for your phone to ring or watching your inbox for an email can make you uneasy as the days go by. You begin to wonder if it’s alright to ask if you got hired for the position and if it is, how do you do it?

Is it okay to ask if you got the job?

When done right, following up won’t hurt your chances of getting hired. It can even help your case. For the follow-up to work for your benefit, you should do it professionally and with finesse. You don’t want to seem desperate and you certainly don’t want to annoy the hiring personnel. At the same time, though, you want to show that you’re interested in the position. 

If you can’t wait to hear back from the interviewer or the company’s HR, here are five gracious ways to ask if you got selected for the post.

1. Thank the interviewer for their time and state your excitement about the position

If the interviewer did not give you a decision timeline, it’s generally fine to email them after the interview. State that you appreciate how they took the time to interview you and that you enjoyed your chat. Then, find a way to say how you can’t wait to be a part of the company and to work with them eventually.

When you do this, make sure you’re genuinely interested in the opportunity and that you are really thankful for the chance they’ve given you.

2. Simply ask for an update

Most of the time, the interviewer will give you a timeline as to when they will get back to you with the result of your application. If they do, do not follow up before the said period is over. For instance, if the interviewer specifically said they will get back to you by Friday next week, don’t follow up on or before Friday. If you don’t hear from them on the said day, give it a business day or two before doing the follow-up. Meanwhile, if you weren’t given a specific time frame, it’s safe to send a follow-up email a week from your interview day. 

Keep your email friendly yet professional. Don’t make it sound as though you’re demanding an answer. 

3. Inquire about the follow-up process

If you haven’t heard from them after a week, you can also try asking for the next steps of the hiring process. You can also ask if they have a preferred or recommended follow-up process. Doing this shows your eagerness to get the job while avoiding sounding too demanding of an update.

4. Share an idea or solution

During the interview, you may find yourself talking to the interviewer about the challenges of the company related to the position you’re applying for. If there is a point you forgot to make during the interview or if you came up with an idea that may be of interest to the employer, you can share it with them via email. You may start by saying that you remembered what you talked about during the interview, and you found or thought of an interesting idea or solution. Doing so will send the message that you paid attention during the interview and that you’re truly interested in being a part of the company.

5. Hint that you have another offer

If you got a good offer from another company but somehow still prefer the other post, don’t waste any more time! Following up at this point will probably give your first-choice employer a nudge. Either they hire you or not, you need closure in one way or another. So, tell them that you got an offer but would still want to know their decision. This shows that you really want to join their company and demonstrated your honesty as well.

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