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Do you still primarily consider salary offers when picking customer service representative roles to apply for? If your answer yes, you need to get with the times. These days, employers offer you so much more beyond basic compensation. Careers flourish not just because of the standard income you get.

There are many more factors that can affect the quality of your employee experience. Diversity and inclusivity, work flexibility, and psychological well-being at work are becoming increasingly more valuable for applicants, especially for long-term career growth in a company. This is true even for customer service representative roles in the BPO industry, which is known for high turnover rates among employees.

Want to find a great role in a BPO company where you can thrive over the next few years? Here’s a valuable tip: look for a company that’s willing to give employees more because you deserve more… because you are more. Find a BPO firm that treats you:

More than a co-worker

Pick a company that has a supportive community. Your career can go further, your achievements bigger, when you find yourself working with people who are invested in your success too. From the trainers who help you start the right way to the leaders who oversee your progress, everyone should approach you and your work with empathy and understanding.

An environment like that can make any work obstacle seem insignificant. A warm company culture will allow you to reach higher peaks of performance.

Moreover, you’re around your colleagues eight hours a day – that’s often more time than you get to spend with your family and loved ones. Work is better spent with people you enjoy sharing time and space with. Strong bonds among teammates can really inspire employees to maximize their productivity and can also help them invest in the company’s success. Also, when employees get to work in a healthy environment, their psychological well-being at work soars. A sense of belonging goes a long way in motivating a workforce.

More than your job title

Career growth means actually breaking the barriers of your current scope; to evolve, to develop into something more. You should look for a company that allows you to expand your role, take on new responsibilities, and build new skills.

Career growth in a company isn’t always linear. A company that values growth pushes its employees to try out new things and is often an ally for a thriving career. More specifically, companies that have great career mobility and empower employees to change their path to new areas of expertise are a professional’s dream destination. Young professionals are interested in flexibility in the workplace. So, make sure that the customer service representative roles you’re considering is with a company you choose doesn’t put people in a box.

More than a follower

A healthy workplace promotes healthy dialogue. A positive work culture empowers everyone to give their insights. If a company’s leaders practice great communication, active listening, and an open-door policy, you’ve found a home for your blossoming career.

Take TTEC as an example. It’s proud of its collaborative and supportive company culture. With its leaders open to suggestions and feedback from the team, TTEC can resolve issues and create effective best practices with more creativity and scope. All thanks to teamwork and positive communication.

Nothing can hold back career development more than ineffective dialogue, a highly political work environment, and an overemphasis on seniority. If a company truly values you, they’ll show it not just with how much salary they give you. They’ll value your input, listen to your ideas, and allow you to lead. Work in a company that wants to hear you out.

There are even more important factors to identify whether a BPO company can give you an awesome career. Stay tuned for our upcoming article to find out what other benefits and incentives a quality BPO company can provide.

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