Top 8 Tech Companies to Work for in the Philippines

Figuring out the best tech or digital company to make a career in? Our list of top companies in the industry might help you decide.

In recent years, the technology industry has been rapidly evolving and growing. For professionals interested in a tech career, it may actually be the most rewarding, challenging and inspiring industry to today.

The technology field is a great fit for you if you’re creative and take much interest in innovation. It also gives you a meaningful kind of work with lots of variety, because it’s not just about generating ideas, but undertaking efforts to make those ideas work, and coming up with solutions. Lastly, and for most people, perhaps the most important, tech jobs are one of the most financially rewarding out there. This for the most part explains the spike in the number of students taking up computer and IT courses in college in the past 10 years more than ever—so many Pinoys even at a young age aspire to make it big in the digital world.

So, with all these great reasons to make a career in the tech industry, we’ve come up with a list of eight tech companies that have been cited as the best places to work for by different tech professionals themselves and analysts:

1. Google Philippines

The Internet giant began operations in the Philippines in January of this year. You could say it’s a no-brainer why it’s considered by many as a dream workplace, not just in the country but all around the world where it has offices. Not only is the salary comparatively more than what other tech companies offer (for example, for Sales Manager positions alone, monthly pay ranges from ₱38,000 to 42,000), Google PH also has an excellent working environment. From its unorthodox furniture that encourages fun and creativity to its many superior amenities and culture that promotes social interaction among colleagues, it’s definitely the place to be for tech professionals and those looking for support jobs like accounting, human resources and more.

2. Facebook Philippines

Great news came to Filipinos that have always wanted a career in the social network industry when Facebook opened its first office in the Philippines in April 2016. With plenty of positions open to date—from Ad Publishing, to Media Operations and Community Operations, Facebook PH promises a diverse work culture that offers challenges you’d love to get your hands on. Engineers that have been hired by Facebook always say the company encourages “being bold” as its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has always espoused, and harnessing raw talent of every single person in the company—thus there’s always room for growth and opportunity.

3. Hewlett-Packard Philippines

HP has been operating in the Philippines since 2003, and since then, it has always gotten great reviews about its work culture and salary packages. Many tech graduates work at HP straight out of college and have stayed there for the sound work-and-life balance they’ve experienced, and the fun atmosphere among teammates.

4. Canon Philippines

Canon Philippines has plenty of engineers and developers on-board in its Manila office, engaged in work related to cameras, printers and other digital devices. And although pay is not as high as some would expect, the company always gets plus points from its employees because of the many opportunities for learning that Canon offers. Some of these include getting a chance to go on special projects in Japan, which can go on for months or even years. Getting to travel, not to mention the incentive that goes with it, means a lot to its workforce and encourages long tenures.

5. IBM Philippines

The computing institution that is IBM has been around for over 100 years in the world, and remains to be relevant today. Its presence in the Philippines since 1937 (yes, it’s been that long!) has meant a string of high-paying jobs for many Filipinos for decades. Not only does IBM Philippines offer competitive salaries, it also offers hugely diverse job categories as the company has expanded to support not just hardware and software functions but also IT services. For example, the company works in partnership with Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite in coming up with mobile apps and enterprise support systems, making the company as significant as ever.

6. Oracle Philippines

The California-based software company operates its Philippine headquarters out of Makati City, and is still considered the world’s leading supplier of software for information management with its annual revenues of more than $9.7 billion. Oracle (Nasdag: ORCL) promises a satisfying compensation package—for example, a Senior Consultant earns more than ₱60,000 monthly. Entry-level positions fetch around ₱25,000. Software engineers in the country have been known to stay on for long periods because of its attractive benefits, many exciting projects and great career growth opportunities.

7. Novare Technologies

The global tech support company is known to have on-board the best engineers and developers in the Philippines, working on various systems from project management, service delivery, solutions software and software engineering. While the pay is not as lucrative as its counterparts (some junior business analysts and software engineers positions are known to fetch ₱17,000 to 21,000), the company is lauded for the multi-culture professional environment and valuable learning especially in servicing the telecommunications and financial companies.

8. Smart Communications

The telecom network giant has remained a strong force in the Philippines since the 1990s, and as a workplace, it has never lots its appeal either. Smart is very much loved by its employees because of its popularly-known “extended month bonus.” As opposed to the standard 13th month pay, employees at Smart are known to get a 21-month bonus as the company sees fit. No wonder people are staying on—sure, the exciting work environment might have something to do with it, too, but the bonus is the sure winner!

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Photo by Philipp Birmes from Pexels

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