5 Social Media Habits That Will Help Your Career

With the advent of social networking platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, the world has become more connected than ever and a smaller place to reach out to. The Philippines is a country with one of the highest usage of social media platforms. With this, many employers now also pay social media accounts a visit to assess a job candidate’s personality.

Despite the freedom we have to express our thoughts online, we should be responsible with what we post or say on any social networking sites. Your potential employers might not be stalking you on Facebook or Twitter 24/7, but a bad post that got their attention can pretty much end your opportunity right there and then. So, take a look at these 5 social media habits that would help your career!

1. Be professional

Even though you’re given total freedom to share what you want on your own social media accounts, but bear in mind that your words might affect others or even yourself negatively if the content you posted is inappropriate or unprofessional.

A good way to know if you should post something online is to ask yourself: is this something that I would like to be seen by my colleagues? If you don’t think it’s appropriate to show them such a post, then don’t post it. You should not only be thoughtful with what you post, but also be aware of the possible implication for sharing this piece of information with others. Here are some tips of what you should avoid sharing online.

  • Complaints about your work or company
  • Photos that you consider unprofessional or inappropriate
  • Any political views or opinions on sensitive issues

2. Be trustworthy

Be selective and critical with what you post or share online. With the proliferation of fake these days, it’s important to check if the link is legitimate. Cross-check trending news on social media from credible official news sites. Never follow the crowd blindly when it comes to posting just anything without verifying the source of the information.

Bear in mind that how you behave and what you share or post online tell a lot about who you are: your views on things, your personality and character.

3. Be objective

Before you leave a comment or engage with anyone on social media, find out where the other party is coming from and under what circumstances that they posted such content. Never jump to conclusions before evaluating the situation objectively. Don’t judge others and leave nasty comments on social media without assessing both sides of the story. You will not only seem rude and inconsiderate, but also lack of analytical thinking skills to examine a situation objectively.

4. Be less self-centered

Instead of constantly posting selfies and your accomplishments, why not use social media as a platform for doing good. Don’t underestimate the potential of social media for being an effective channel to raise awareness of issues that most of us overlooked such as fundraising for the needy or animal shelter and volunteer activities. By sharing information about such meaningful events, you not only help to spread awareness and kindness to others, but also direct your attention towards those who need them.

5. Be meticulous

In addition, check your spelling and grammar before hitting the “Post” button. Just as with a resume that has even one spelling or grammatical error, typos on your social media content make you appear unprofessional and have no eye for small details.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the most important takeaway is to remember that these sites are public. No matter how careful you are with your privacy settings, it’s best not to post anything that you wouldn’t want your boss or family to see.

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