5 Best Free Job Search App Choices in the Philippines This 2022

Bossjob's Top 5 Free Job Search Apps in Philippines

It’s time to adopt mobile-first strategies when it comes to your job search in 2022 to snag up better job opportunities in just a few clicks and here are 5 of the best job search apps you can maximize in finding job opportunities right at your fingertips.

1. LinkedIn

Typically known as the Facebook counterpart for job search platforms, LinkedIn is undeniably one of the most sought-after job search app choices for years and years now. With the platform’s Jobs feature, job seekers, recruiters, employers, and professionals can discover countless opportunities in a variety of industries.

Apart from that, LinkedIn users can also maximize the app’s functionality for professional networking. Consider creating your LinkedIn profile now so that you can establish meaningful connections with prospective employers and get access to various job openings. 

LinkedIn for Android, IOS

2. Upwork

As the most popular job search app for freelancers, Upwork is the go-to hub for discovering both short- and long-term projects, most especially for creatives. Due to the tough competition across various talents, the platform is known for its high standards, too.

As compared to other job search app options out there, Upwork mainly focuses on giving professionals a chance to “sell” their skills and pitch to agencies, clients, and employers about what they can offer.

Upwork for Android, IOS

3. Bossjob

With its straightforward functionality, Bossjob is easily one of the best job search app choices for all kinds of job seekers today. Explore thousands of jobs in the Philippines and directly chat with job posters, hiring managers, and employers.

It’s also worth noting the app’s intelligent matching feature, connecting the most qualified talents with the foremost jobs on the market!

Bossjob for Android, IOS

4. JobStreet

Also considered one of the top job hiring and career sites in the Philippines, this platform is an award-winning company aiming to provide an easy job search experience. With its wide range of job openings across multiple industries in Asia, JobStreet ensures job match opportunities between job seekers and employers.

The app’s AI assistant LiNa also makes JobStreet among the popular choices for job seekers, as they won’t miss any job alerts through email notifications.

JobStreet for Android, IOS

5. Indeed

Also making it to our list of the best job search apps you should try is Indeed, which offers free access to 16+ million job vacancies across thousands of employers and job boards. The platform’s mobile app lets you easily apply from your phone, discover more about jobs, review job search sources, get job alerts, and manage all your applications in one place.

Apart from that, its features for personalization lets you follow companies and let employers find you, and monitor all job openings you’ve viewed and saved.

Indeed for Android, IOS

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