5 Benefits of Online Job Fairs for Recruiters and Employers

Bossjob's 5 Benefits of Online Job Fairs for Recruiters and Employers

As businesses and organizations continue to do their part in ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees and potential hires, their recruitment and hiring processes are now being done mostly through virtual means. Besides, there are various benefits of online job fairs for recruiters that make them worth considering.

With that, you might be wondering: How do virtual career fairs work for employers?

Though conducting a traditional job fair may still be the best bet for some industries, online job fairs have become the trend nowadays. Most especially due to the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, attending and hosting virtual events is the way to go. That’s also true for job search and recruitment through virtual career fairs for employers.

Utilizing technology and the Internet, recruiters and employers engage with job seekers with the hopes of attracting qualified candidates to fill their job openings. This is made possible through online chat rooms, video calls, and even instant messaging.

Benefits of Virtual Career Fairs: How Recruiters Can Maximize Them

Focusing on what online career fairs can offer businesses and organizations, you might be asking this as a recruiter: Why are job fairs important for employers?

In this guide, we’ll detail some of the most common benefits of online job fairs for recruiters so that you’ll be familiar with the reasons why you should think of hosting or joining one.

1. Cost-efficient

In comparison to putting up expensive job ads, you can maximize online job fairs to attract a large pool of candidates. With online job fairs being less expensive than traditional job fairs, the former becomes a more viable option for smaller and medium-sized companies. Organizing virtual career fairs lets employers have low and manageable costs, further eliminating unnecessary expenses, too.

Though employers and recruiters looking to host online career fairs may have to invest in technology, they won’t need to rent a larger events place and work with suppliers; and they don’t have to allocate resources on travel expenses as well.

2. Access to a wider talent pool

The one-stop environment that online job fairs create for employers and job seekers alike lets you get access to job candidates from across the country and even around the world. This enables a more open and relatively larger pool of candidates than what employers can often expect attending in-person job fairs. That said, choosing the most appropriate virtual platform in hosting your online career fairs is crucial in welcoming more attendees. In the same way, choosing to join a reputable online job fair to get access to quality talents is key, should you consider participating in one instead of organizing your own.

As a recruiter, you also get an opportunity to meet non-traditional employees such as those from other industries or fields you wouldn’t normally consider. This further improves the recruitment process, thus helping save resources and time allotted in filtering candidates for your job openings.

3. Helps save time and effort

Organizing on-site recruitment events such as online job fairs can be time-consuming. With all the logistics associated with it, there are a lot of things you need to take care of which can really exhaust your effort and resources. With hosting virtual career fairs, you can reduce your tasks to selecting the digital platform and promoting the said event. If you’re just looking into joining one instead of hosting your own, it’s also a smart use of your time as you get to focus on the other crucial aspects of your recruitment processes.

Online job fairs can also utilize filtering opportunities that allow both employers and job seekers to match accurately based on their needs and qualifications. This enables recruiters like you to reach the right person, helping you prevent loss of time and hence maximize successful recruitment efforts. Apart from that, you can also have multiple conversations with job seekers at the same time.

4. Key in brand-building

Who knew that joining or hosting online job fairs can also help you have a new opportunity to build a stronger employer brand? Since online job fairs have a greater chance to be advertised by reputable websites, government agencies, and employment organizations, participating in one can do more good to the company you’re representing. This, along with other recruitment initiatives, helps you attract highly qualified candidates through virtual job fairs.

Further, actively joining such events also lets you introduce your company to other job seekers, fellow recruiters, and other company representatives who may be not that familiar with what your company does and offers. Simply put, think of it as some sort of a public relations event. This way, you’re hitting two birds with one stone: Recruiting qualified talents for your job openings while boosting brand awareness. It’s also worth noting that online job fairs are highly customizable, letting organizations tailor job seeker experience to ensure optimal results. This helps in building a more reputable name for the company or business you’re representing.

5. Drives measurable results

Since online job fairs allow you to acquire real-time data about the attendees, you can use these in supporting and monitoring your recruitment key performance indicators or KPIs.

Gaining access to measurable insights is important in ensuring you’re meeting your desired goals in your recruitment efforts. This is possible due to the nature of the benefits of online job fairs to recruiters like you. As you become more able to improve recruitment efficiency, you can then focus more on using such data in enhancing the other aspects of your overall processes.

With these benefits of online job fairs for recruiters and beyond, you can ensure a more worthwhile job search journey to amplify your efforts in landing great talents. At Bossjob, we take it big leap further by identifying talents’ best assets – skills and experience – to improve job matches by 75%.

Bossjob is launching the only Skills-First Virtual Career Fair in Philippines, happening on April 18 – 29. Throughout the two-week period, here are some unique features that you can look forward to:

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Nowadays, employing newer methods such as conducting or joining online job fairs is a great way for you to fulfill your hiring goals that are rather sustainable and efficient during these trying times. As online recruitment efforts expand continuously, realizing and taking advantage of the benefits of online job fairs for recruiters is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re on the search for more in-depth guides and resources on all things recruitment and hiring, check out Bossjob’s hiring tips archives!

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