6 Productivity Apps to Help You Thrive in 2020

Technology should be used to get more things done with less effort. Some people use it either to waste time or work long hours. They struggle to produce the necessary output within the allotted time. If you want to thrive at work or in your business and still have quality time for other things valuable to you, you also need to work smart, not just hard. Choosing the best productivity apps can help you do just that. There are differences between busy people and productive people. The latter know how to use the right tools. Here are the apps to boost your productivity.

1. Trello

It’s a project management tool that lets you create to-do lists, assign deadlines, and communicate progress, statuses, issues, and changes. Through this app, you can monitor the performance of the workflows that helps you think of better ways to streamline the processes of different projects. Additionally, it integrates with Google Drive for easy collaboration.

2. Buffer

Since businesses need to reach out to their customers and engage with them, having an app to schedule social media posts can improve your productivity. You can link Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts through this app. This automatic system for posting your content allows you to easily disseminate information at the right time across different platforms.

3. Time Doctor

It’s a time management app for time tracking, screenshot monitoring, task management, desktop monitoring, payroll module, GPS, and chat monitoring. The dashboard lets business owners manage their remote teams. On the part of each team member, this app helps them focus and produce the output needed for the day. It notifies when the user gets distracted by unproductive sites.

4. ToDoist

By using ToDoist, you will not be overwhelmed with a lot of to-do lists. This app automatically categorizes your activities according to their importance, urgency, and purpose. When you list a task like “Discuss with Brenan at 2pm”, ToDoist will categorize it as “meeting”. You’ll get reminders for deadlines so you can prioritize things at a particular time.

5. CloudApp

With its screenshot, GIF creation, image annotation, webcam recording, you will be able to communicate with your colleagues in a more efficient way. You’ll get your point across quickly without having to craft lengthy emails. CloudApp lets you just show what you mean. Therefore, you’ll have more time to manage other projects.

6. LastPass

Many professionals have more than one email. Additionally, they have other online accounts that are connected to their work or business. That said, it’s not that easy to remember every password. Sure, you may take notes. But with LetPass, you just need to add sites and your unique passwords to your vault then the app automatically fills in the details for you once you go to any of the sites you added there.

Set your own pace and stick to it with the help of these productivity apps. Technology is meant to help you accomplish things easier and stay organized to handle workplace stress. By using the apps that are best for your particular needs, you will be able to produce the required output and get the job done within your work schedule.

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