The Keys to Being Productive at Work Every Day

Let us all admit it, sometimes, we drag ourselves to get up and dress up for work in the morning for whatever reason you have that in mind. Be it about your “bossy” boss, a not-so nice colleague, heavy traffic, and so on. But to think of it, if we start our day lazy, don’t you think it may affect our performance the entire day? Let us flip the side of the coin to make the question proactive enough to survive a day at work. How do you become productive or at least ensure that the day has been one when you call it?

1. Start full

Get your daily dose of booster- whatever that is- a bowl of oats or cereals, a panini, your favorite rice meal, and a lot more. Just make sure you have breakfast. Some studies would claim that breakfast is still the best part of the day. When I say have your breakfast, water isn’t counted. Feeling a bit in a hurry? Night-before preparations would help. A heavy breakfast in the morning can take you to places, literally, because you have carbohydrates to burn! Forget about diet, because breakfast is breakfast. Quick tip: cereal drinks are good and very easy to prepare; plus, they come in easy-to-purchase sachets in supermarkets!

2. Get moving

little moving would help perhaps? This is about simple movements that you can do to activate your muscles. Stretching is a thing. Brace yourself for a tiring yet productive day! You don’t have to be a fitness instructor to do this. You can even download helpful apps for this or watch videos online!

3. Remember your responsibilities

Remember when you started working and you just signed your employment contract? Start with the end in mind. What are your responsibilities and deliverables to do and submit? Maybe a little review would help you be guided. As long as you’re on the right track, you have nothing to worry about. When your day is properly planned, everything shall go smoothly.

4. Have plan B, C, D, and so on

This is just an example of being proactive- you try to anticipate things- but make sure it’s not too much. Having back-up plans would help as to how do you troubleshoot if something happens? What do you do in case this mechanism don’t work? This is just one way of making sure that you get to finish the tasks for the day. Work wisely. It doesn’t cost much to be wise enough in your everyday job.

5. Get a grip

Getting a grip may mean being aware of yourself and your environment. This can be related to having awareness on the stuff you have to finish for the day. Set alarms, allot time slots for each deliverable, put notes on your desk to remind yourself each time. Getting a grip can also be related to focusing on your work; that means quitting that social media shenanigans for a while unless that’s the nature and scope of your work! Also, focusing on your work veers you away from unnecessary stuff like gossiping and things you didn’t sign up for in the first place. Lastly, getting a grip can also be related to having awareness on your performance. You ask yourself, am I doing right? Reflect, so you can adjust and perform well. This includes being aware of what’s left to do, and what should be done in the next days.

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