Signs That You Are Stressed at Work and What to Do about It

Do you ever feel burnout at work? Don’t fret- it’s perfectly normal from time to time. However, if you find yourself constantly tired and burnt out from stresses at work you may need to take a step back. Here are some signs of overwork and how to manage them.



Some stress is good- it’s your body’s natural fight or flight response. However, signs that your body is over-reacting to stress include headaches, muscular tensions, heart palpitations, gastrointestinal problems, and even dermatological problems. Your body is telling you that you need to slow down and look after yourself. Have enough rest and eat a healthy, nutritious diet. Avoid excessive junk food and exercise regularly for healthy body and mind. As many corporate jobs require sitting at your desk for hours each day, it’s vital to maintain an active lifestyle. Even 30 minutes of walking, two times a week may be enough to de-stress your body and mind after a long work week.



You react to things slowly, take longer to process questions and form an answer, or you just feel blank. This is probably because you cannot focus and/or you are thinking about something else. One quick tip is to meditate and listen to yourself. Give yourself five minutes of quiet time; list down and organise your thoughts so you can begin to work through them. And again, the right diet and exercise can help you stay sharp and keep a clear head.



Mood swings are common because of stress. One can manage mood swings by being optimistic and seeing the good in every situation. You can also avoid mood swings by keeping your mind on things to look forward to at the latter part of your day, such as quiet travel time with your headphones in, your fluffy dog waiting for you at home, dinner with friends etc.



To combat burnout, take a power nap during your lunch break. Get out of the office to breathe the air outside. Also remind yourself daily ofwhy you are pursuing you chosen career path. Everyday at work, you are gaining experience, building on your skill-set and are one step closer to achieving your career goals. If it helps, try talking to a friend or colleague about your problems. You are not alone and socializing helps to create a positive work-life balance.



Some would say sleep is for the weak, but let us think of it is a necessity. You probably work 8 hours a day excluding travel time. Before you start each day, make sure you plot your schedule including your sleep. In case you can’t sleep, try to listen to music or drink a glass of warm milk. A quick meditation is also good. The quality of sleep you get is as important at the quantity- clear your mind of any thoughts before bedtime.

While it is true that stress is inevitable, it is within your power to manage stress and to not let it overwhelm you. 

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