5 Ways to Kickstart Your Personal Growth During Lockdown

You always have something to learn from every struggle. It’s not easy. But you can get through it. During lockdown, you can’t do the things you usually do outside. That may be going out with your officemates every Friday, going on a date, or just strolling around. You might be getting bored now but you can’t help but cooperate for everyone’s safety. Well, you have options on how to make this lockdown period favorable. It’s time for you to be mindful of your self-growth. Here are 5 ways to improve yourself during lockdown.

1. Exercise at home

If you don’t know the proper exercises for your specific needs, you can watch workout videos on YouTube. Both your mind and body will benefit from exercise. Because keeping your lifestyle active is good for your blood circulation. A good health is your foundation to do other ways to kickstart your personal growth.

2. Learn a new skill

This can be tied to your value in the job market. It’s because personal development is crucial for your career. You may want to learn a foreign language that’s relevant to your target company for your next job search. On the other hand, if you don’t want to learn a new skill, you can establish what you already have. You may take a short course online to master your programming skills. Your market value increases as you elevate your expertise.

3. Meditate

When you were busy in your day-to-day life before lockdown, it was hard to find time to meditate. Now is your chance to try meditation. Freeing your mind from life’s pressures even for a short time period can do wonders. It reduces stress, promotes emotional health, improves mental focus, enhances your immune system, etc. So, take advantage of this opportunity to do this simple activity for your health. You might want to do this again even after the lockdown period.

4. Indulge in your passion

Not everyone can say that their job is their passion. There are people who want to be a novel writer but can’t do it due to various life’s demands. It’s your time now to indulge in a project you’re passionate about. Whether it’s studying new cooking recipes every day or creating your own comics, being happy at what you do improves your overall well-being.

5. Manage your time on social media

It’s fine to always browse your social media account but limit your intake of it. Not all posts are truthful and beneficial. Stay informed with reliable sources. Empathize and reach out. Also, be happy for other people. There are ways on how to stop comparing yourself to others online. Be inspired and focus on your own self-development. Because as you grow, you are learning how to handle things better.

Using your time in worthwhile activities during lockdown can make you a wise person. It depends on how you choose to get by. Again, it’s not easy. But to be tougher than the crisis is the right thing to do. When the hardship is over, would you be proud of the person you’ve become?

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Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

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