Top 10 Work-From-Home Tech to Increase Your Productivity

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Even if remote work isn’t a new thing, it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that a lot of organizations and businesses realized its potential. More people became open to the idea of working from home, or remotely almost anywhere as long as they have the proper resources.

While a lot of people have already adapted to the whole remote work setup, there are still those who are struggling to stay productive while working from home. Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Here are the 10 best work from home tech you can add to your work-from-home setup to help you become more productive!

1. Laptop or computer

Find yourself a good, reliable one. With the current health crisis, we can anticipate that working from home can be here for good. Choose a laptop or computer that best suits your type of work and your preferences.

Also, add a laptop stand to improve its stability and allow for a perfect height during video calls. Moreover, putting your laptop on a stand helps prevent it from overheating.

2. Webcam

If your work involves holding and attending meetings here and there, it’s best for you to invest in a high-quality yet affordable web camera. If budget’s a consideration and you want to be more minimalistic, you can also use your phone to act as your webcam. Use a separate mobile stand to support and elevate your smartphone to get a good angle on your face.

3. Wireless mouse

This type of mouse is one of the most versatile ones out there. You can use them with your laptop, or even with your phone through Bluetooth. Make sure your wireless mouse is also ergonomic, so that your hand won’t get tired easily and avoid having carpal tunnel or repetitive strain injury (RSI).

To further improve your WFH experience, grab a functional mouse pad, too! Opt for one with a wrist rest so you can maximize your productivity.

4. Bluetooth keyboard

Another cool addition to must-have work from home tech, a Bluetooth keyboard also works wonders for your remote work.

Aside from its functionality, sleek design, and usability, this type of keyboard also helps improve your posture for long periods of work. You don’t need to lean forward too much just to reach your laptop or computer when you have your Bluetooth keyboard handy.

5. Noise-cancelling headphones

In the world of remote work, online meetings through audio calls and video conferences have been a staple. Working from home, taking calls can be a challenge with a lot of unnecessary noises around. Having a pair of noise-cancelling headphones may be your best friend.

6. Smart speaker

Long hours of working in front of your laptop or computer can be boring most especially when you’re at home. Spice up your workday with calming music, a lively playlist, or any sounds to accompany you using smart speakers. These can also be used during conference calls when you don’t feel like using your headphones.

7. Widescreen monitor

If you think you’ll be working from home for a long time now, consider adding this to your work from home essentials. With a widescreen monitor, you can easily perform side-to-side tasks. This also allows you to open multiple windows or tabs at the same time without the hassle of manually switching tabs and windows every now and then.

8. Desk lamp or ring light

Good lighting is a must most especially if you go on video calls a lot! Invest in a good desk lamp that can also act as your night light when you work late, or a ring light if you really want to focus on getting that nice lit-up face during calls.

9. Extension cord

Most times, we can’t avoid using a lot of gadgets all at once. With that, we need a reliable extension cord or power strip to cater to our charging and plugging needs. Having one handy lets you avoid getting interrupted at work when your devices notify you they’re on low-batt mode.

10. Microphone

Lastly, using an external microphone steps up your WFH game. One of our dilemmas during calls is the audio quality. Avoid being misheard or misunderstood with a good-quality microphone to use!

Using these best work from home gadgets helps boost your creativity and productivity. These are tools designed to make work easier, more fun to do, and increase your work efficiency.
To further help you in your remote work journey, browse more of our guides and career advice! Know more about home office tips, be updated with the job trends for 2021, and check out available job openings you might want to consider!

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