10 Examples of How Global Companies Have Embraced AI in Their Businesses

Nowadays, technology is becoming an integral part of running businesses. Moreover, today’s trends encourage competence on how companies are using AI for their benefit and of the consumers as well.

In a nutshell, businesses can harness the power of AI to:

  • Improve customer service
  • Automate tasks and business processes
  • Optimize logistics
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Predict performance and behavior
  • Manage and analyze data
  • Enhance marketing and advertising initiatives

On top of these, they can also use AI in hiring and in managing remote work.

Now, how do these AI uses look like when put into practice? Let’s look at these 10 examples of how companies use AI to fuel their businesses.

1. Google: Providing more accurate search results and UX

With Google’s aim to continuously improve user experience (UX), they use AI to help algorithms understand and learn insights and behavior through deep learning. As a result, users are presented with more accurate and relevant search results.

2. Alibaba: Innovating the world of e-commerce

As the world’s largest e-commerce platform, Alibaba has AI in its core of daily operations. Further, the company uses AI to predict what customers want to buy, making it easier for the business to provide a better shopping experience.

3. Amazon: Pioneering anticipatory shipping

Collecting a lot of data on a consumer’s buying habits fuels AI’s predictive analytics and Amazon uses this feature to recommend and now predict what buyers will want to buy before they realize they need it.

4. Apple: Enhancing consumer electronics experience

Apple uses AI and machine learning in their products and services to “sell” topnotch customer experience. The company has also been growing its service offering and is extending the use of AI in Apple Music, iCloud, and Maps.

5. Facebook: Adding structure to big data

Another example of how companies use AI is how Facebook uses deep learning to organize big data. This company uses AI to group, understand, and interpret similar posts through the use of natural language processing, and even has the capability for facial recognition.

6. Netflix: Recommending personalized to-watch lists

A tech giant with AI and data at its heart of operations, Netflix aims to use developed algorithms to recommend new content to users. Personalized content feeds are created by the process of filtering large amounts of data, generating even personalized thumbnails for the app users.

7. Spotify: Providing the best music recommendations

Similar to other music and streaming platforms, Spotify uses AI and deep learning to curate songs and recommend them to listeners. Through monitoring listening preferences and behavior, the app employs deep learning in Discover Weekly playlists to show related music, for example.

8. JD.com: Gearing toward automated services

The Chinese version of Amazon, this company envisions to be 100% automated. JD.com drives business through AI revolution, big data, and robotics.

9. Microsoft: Being a Top AI as a Service (AIaaS) vendor

Microsoft’s vision statement includes the term “artificial intelligence”, illustrating the company’s emphasis on having smart machines at the center of everything they do. Incorporating intelligent capabilities into all its products and services, Microsoft is one of the biggest AIaaS vendors worldwide.

10. IBM: Being at the forefront of AI

For years, IBM has been known for its multiple projects involving artificial intelligence. These include the Deep Blue computer which conquered a human world chess champion, its Watson computer winning the game show Jeopardy, and Project Debater, a cognitive computing engine that competed against 2 human debaters through formulating human-like arguments.

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With the growing number of benefits that AI can offer to businesses, it’s needless to say that more and more companies will begin or continue to adopt best AI practices.

As innovations never cease to exist to cater to the ever-changing needs of consumers, business expansion is inevitable. In relation to this, the demand for experts in this field will continuously rise.
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