How to Manage Millennials and Keep Them Engaged

Millennials, fueled by their determination to succeed, are revolutionizing the industries and shaping the economy’s directions in the Philippines. With their can-do drive, idealistic outlook and tech-savvy attitude, these youngsters are the game-changers, influencers and great decision-makers that can, in an instant, shift the direction of an industry for the better. Unfortunately, millennials can also be quite a difficult bunch to lead, especially if you’re used to the traditional management methods. After all, they are a generation often stereotyped as tech-obsessed, self-centered job-hoppers.

Nevertheless, part of successful leadership in work is adapting your behavior and leadership style, to address the needs and qualities of the followers. And when you’re working with these youngsters, you’ll need to make some adjustments since they are a different breed than the generations before them – Generation X and Baby Boomers.

Truthfully, leading this generation isn’t really hard, and these people aren’t as bad as what some people say. Here are some tips for those who want to lead millennials effectively.

1. Embrace modern technology

Millennials are, in general, digital natives. Growing up in the digital age, these tech-savvy whizzes live their life online, and are connected perpetually. In the Philippines, more and more offices have realized this, and are now fully embracing modern collaboration platforms like Jira and Slack, to enable faster communication in the workplace.

Yes folks, old school methods like texts, phone calls and even emails don’t appeal to this generation.

According to a study conducted by Bentley University, over 88 percent of millennials say that they check their work email regularly, after traditional hours. Moreover, the study suggests that they usually prefer to catch up on low-level tasks and work emails, before they head to bed or prior to their morning spin class.

2. Be authentic

In the age of over-sharing and social media, being vulnerable and open is something that these youngsters are quite used to. Likewise, they appreciate and admire genuine leaders who promote transparency and honesty. Hierarchical and old traditional systems are rather difficult to work within for this generation. They are highly motivated when they can share their feedback, contribute opinions as well as have open conversations with their managers and team.

3. Have a clear purpose

Today’s young people seek purposes in everything they do, specifically when it comes to their professional life. Once you’ve communicated with them the purpose of their huge responsibilities, they will become more connected and engaged to their work, be it big or small.

4. Flexibility is essential

Over the years, millennials have learned and proven that not everybody is most productive within the confines of a traditional 9-to-6 workday. Some people work best burning the midnight oil, while others are most productive walking up in the early hours. And luckily, the rise of computer technology means that people are no longer tethered to a desktop computer in an office downtown.

In the study conducted by Bentley University, researchers discovered that 77 perfect of this generation believe that a flexible schedule will make them more productive at work.

While flexibility seems a little scary to people who are so accustomed to a 9-to-6 schedule, it’s time to realize that the concept is very outdated. Most millennial employees have the power of internet on their smartphones, and they prefer to work at times when their minds are most active.

If your company still practices the traditional work schedule, it’s totally fine. You can still get these youngsters on your side by offering them work-from-home days, which give them the option to be productive from their favorite coffee shop or at home.

5. Create a social atmosphere

Connection greatly matters to millennial employees. The more you foster a vibrant environment where they can learn from the people surrounding them, the more engage they become in their workplace. As a matter of fact, the most successful organizations working with this generation have an environment and policies that are fun, social and open, making these young employees more productive throughout the day.

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