6 Ways to Impress Your Boss on Your First Day

Have your ever felt so anxious about your first day at job? That’s never uncommon, because it’s a usual response of ourselves when we are about to experience new things. In this case, a new boss! Here are six points that you must remember before dipping in the boiling oil.

1. Show 

Upon waking up, the first thing to do – show eagerness; and it starts within you, at home. The main key point is, show professionalism. It basically starts with your preparedness. Before you leave the house, you check the littlest details of yourself on how you look and how you will behave. First on this bullet, be prepared enough for the place you’re working at. How do you know what to wear? Is it air-conditioned? Is it an office? A law firm? A restaurant? The key is, have a little research again about the company, because you might have missed some during your pre-interview investigation. Golden rule: if not so fashionable, just be presentable! Do not forget to bring handkerchief and your groom kit to freshen up before sitting in your comfort zone at work.

Being on time is of course one way to show professionalism. While it is true that bad traffic causes stress and consumes a lot of our time, it is better to allot more (and more) travel time for you. If you are commuting, make sure you adjust your grooming time before work. A little trial and error may help as to checking traffic conditions through mobile applications and having access to news. Sounds a bit tedious, but you’ll need this.

Professionalism is also expressed in respect. Do respect your boss by addressing him his/her title or in case you are uncertain, “ma’am” or “sir” is still the key. Remember to show respect to everyone else, too. As the old saying goes, “respect begets respect.”For gadget usage, you are not encouraged to use them if not deemed necessary. Put them on silent mode. Chat boxes can wait, dear.

2. Anticipate

Anticipating something is to avoid some unpleasant things to happen, and that includes running out of words to use for a short description to your colleagues.

Remember, you are the newbie in the company, and people would be so surprised and eager to know you. A little practice and thinking would help if you can think of a short introduction about yourself. Maybe a sentence or three? This starts with your name and ends with “it was pleasant to meet you!” and other equivalences.

However, you must also make note that it is your first day and eventually, your colleagues will get to know you more a little soon. Don’t spill too much beans.

3. Listen

Who doesn’t like being heard? Listening is key to meaningful relationships. In this case, you don’t just listen to your boss, because you need to have an open ear to everyone.

What makes this exciting is one should be an active listener, not passive. Be an active listener by responding appropriately to questions, sharing thoughts when asked, and many more.

Being active listener also means you process the information you get. You remember the ones which are deemed necessary. For things related to your job such as responsibilities for the day, having a notepad helps. Show interest to everyone and the company by listening actively. Avoid using your phone when talking to someone; have quality conversations.

4. Observe

Most teachers would say we learn by doing, but on your first day at work, make sure you learn from observing. This helps you gauge your chumminess or seriousness with your boss and colleagues. Remember, too much of something is bad enough. Try to balance the two: business is business.

This also leads us to observing the dynamics within your department/company. This helps you identify certain lapses or linkages which might help you on your way. Remember, politics in the workplace is inevitable. Make sure you don’t play dirty.

Let us clarify that observing doesn’t mean looking at them as you browse feeds on your social media when you are on duty. Observing how your boss communicates and deals with his/her associates is also essential. This helps you in interacting with the boss.

5. Relax

To relax means smiling even if you are nervous, even if you are hesitant about many things on your first day. Smiling can also make your boss feel you are happy to work with him/her.

To relax means casting your worries away, because your first day at work is going to be wonderful. This also means avoid overthinking about things at work. As millennials would say, “chill!” In case you feel so anxious, try breathing in and out to hear yourself that you’re alive. Relax, you will ace this day! Your boss might think you’re not comfortable with your job and workplace which might give him/her a bad impression.

6. Be you

Above all, don’t forget to be yourself. Being yourself means acknowledging your weaknesses and constantly trying to make them as strengths. Being yourself also means being honest. Don’t play so cool. In case you cannot accomplish the task just because you don’t have knowledge about it, say it. We assure you, it goes a long way.

Let us admit that our bosses serve as the people we look up to at work. Further, we get so pressured because of them and their expectations. Hence, we think too much about impressing them. Remember, first impression lasts and make that first a good one.

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Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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