5 Things Why Teamwork Makes the Best Output

A little throwback in your schooling experiences, you can probably relate if we talk about group outputs that totally leave your teacher in awe because of its astounding quality rooted from the collective effort exerted. Ever miss that feeling?As you work with your officemates or colleagues, sometimes you may wonder why you need to collaborate if you can even finish the job alone in a single day. Sometimes, you would probably think that the people you are assigned to work with are probably inferior in terms of skills and abilities. That’s not a good starting point for projects, to be honest.Now, let us try to think about why teamwork never fails to surprise people because of its awesome output? Why does teamwork seem to be a very good thing in many offices? Why do bosses rely on too much teamwork if someone can be assigned to finish a specific task alone?



When you and your colleagues have a harmonious relationship in the workplace, everything would seem to be working perfectly and smoothly. This is because you get to work with them peacefully and comfortably. Let us admit, working with one colleague is also teamwork. Working with your boss is also teamwork. Therefore, regardless of the size, teamwork can promote meaningful relationships within your corporate circle.



Working with a team really has a lot to offer. This allows you to learn from one another. This can be related to mutual learning where both people can learn from each other through dialogue and sharing of his experiences. Working with various people allows you to explore more possibilities and perspectives that could help you solve circumstances at work. For teamwork, leadership skills can be contagious. Who knows there are budding leaders among your circles for each project? Who knows it could be you?



We really cannot deny that you get to befriend your colleagues as you accomplish tasks at work. This is related to the first advice. As you progress with the tasks, there seems to be common things that you share. One of which is when one supports the other outside of work. Can you imagine? You didn’t just accomplish a task, you also made a friend. Don’t deny it—we all need support systems when we are down! Though, coping is a different topic.



Did you ever think about learning to trust through teamwork can actually happen? You don’t develop trust by working alone unless it’s called learning to trust your own abilities. In this context, you develop and learn the skill to trust people for their skills and abilities. Trusting your colleagues in terms of work is a good thing to practice, because it lessens the possible worries that you may encounter as you work.



It is true that three heads are better than one. Imagine having three people from different backgrounds and have different set of experiences working together in a project? You cannot carry the job alone all the time. Sometimes, swallowing your pride helps. Checking what’s in reality, it’s not going to be assigned to a group if it cannot be done by one person. Mentioning it explicitly, it makes the job a lot easier. Three heads mean three sets of working hands, too. Each set means one brain. Try to think about that.


It is undeniable that teamwork could really take people to places. Speaking for history, there are quite a number of notable things that won’t happen in the first place if not for teamwork or collective action. In terms of having the “wrong” teammates, which most of the time really happens, you cannot really pick the ones you work with. One way to combat this thinking is you are supposed to learn from each other that’s why you are working together.

In case you are trapped in an individual task and seem to be having an unclear, winding road, acknowledge the imperfections and weaknesses. Seeking help from people won’t make you any less. In fact, if you seek help, that calibrates teamwork which allows you to achieve a lot more as a person and as someone who can work with various people.

Though, some skills can also be learned in other activities, engaging in teams would really allow you to grow especially in terms of coping, communicating with people, conflict resolution skills, and many more. Now, would you rather work alone or work with a team? You pick wisely. Just a reminder, teamwork makes the job relatively easier and fun, which is really awesome and makes the best output.

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