How to Be Productive When You Get That Friday Mood

No doubt, Friday rocks! In fact, the thought of a Friday approaching can simply ignite good feelings in a typical employee. Just look around your workplace on a typical Friday and you’ll notice that almost everyone you meet is in a much better mood. This explains the quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana that: 

“Employers are at their happiest on Mondays. Employees are at their happiest on Fridays.”

Now, let’s face it, Fridays are quite special. We all enjoy the feelings we get when we finally walk out of the office door on a Friday knowing we’re facing a fun-filled weekend – away from work’s stress and burdens. Of course, the feelings are heavenly.

The challenge, however, is that, if not properly managed, the happiness generated by these awesome Friday feelings may get in the way of your performance, making you less productive.

The question now is: how then can you be productive when you get that Friday mood?

If you can invest a little more time to complete the content of this post, you will definitely find some useful tips. Now, read on:

1. Plan your Fridays ahead

You may not be able to predict your Friday mood, but you can actually plan ahead for the day. Try to identify those important work schedules that are meant to be accomplished on Fridays in preparation for weekends, and create time within the week to kick-start them. If you have done the major aspects of your works prior to Friday, adding the finishing touches when you get in the mood won’t be much of a burden.

2. Remember the importance of your job

Once you become elated with the Friday feelings, it may start getting in the way of your performance. Do not get carried away with the excitements. Rather, you should look at the bigger picture. Always remember that the accomplishment of your assigned duties is imperative to retain your employment. The constant remembrance of this reality will keep you at your best despite your elated mood.

3. Do the difficult parts first

It’s good to attend to your job accordingly. But, when excitement is getting on your way, it will be more productive if you can deal with the most difficult ones first. This will make things far easier for you as you’re rounding up for the weekend.

4. Motivate others to be productive

Succeeding in an office environment requires the cooperation of others in your workplace. Thus, it will be more rewarding if you are all on the same page and work as a team so the Friday mood won’t affect your performance in any way. Of course, building the spirit of togetherness in the workplace can boost your company’s productivity.

5. Make sure nothing is left undone

No matter how excited you might be feeling about the approaching weekend, do not give in to the temptation of leaving some of your work undone. If you form the habit of completing your Friday tasks no matter what, then boosting your productivity will become inevitable. Leaving your task until the following week will only make your Monday heavily tasking and disastrous. Trying to do leftover works on a Monday morning can jeopardize the entire week.

No doubt, Fridays are wonderful. But, before you say “TGIF, make sure you’ve armed yourself with the above tips. 

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