10 Tips For a Happier Workplace

Do you know that we spend an average of 90,000 hours at work throughout our lifetime? With that said, it’s vital for us to making our happiness in the workplace a priority. Studies show that happy employees are more creative, productive, and more likely to get promoted. So, before you go looking for a better workplace with company culture that you think will suit you more, try these 10 tips to stay happy and content at work.

1. Leave your personal issues at home

When you’re distracted by personal issues, it’s much harder to keep a positive mind at work. If you have urgent matter that requires immediate attention, speak to your boss and take the day off. Remember, nobody has a problem-free personal life and it’s unfair for others to always cover for you whenever you have a bad day.

It’s all about getting the right balance. Just as you shouldn’t bring any work-related issues back home, it’s only right to leave personal problems at home and give your full focus at work.

2. Greet everyone!

Do you hide behind your computer and immediately start work the moment you sat down at your desk? If the answer is yes, you can’t blame your colleagues from avoiding you as they might think it’s best to leave you to your work. Try saying “hi” or “morning” to your colleagues as you arrive in the morning. You might surprise to see how quick this small gesture can break the ice between you and your colleagues.

3. Foster meaningful relationships

Fostering meaningful workplace relations is one common thing many of us neglected because of the “work is work” mindset. Having a few colleagues or even just one who share similar lifestyles and beliefs can make time spend at work more enjoyable. When you have someone to share your thoughts with, it can definitely help to take the edge off and minimize stress. While it’s important to be professional at work, we all can use some support when things get tough in the office.  

4. Accept your colleagues for who they are

We all have that one or two colleagues that we just can’t seem to get along with. Instead of being affected by their actions and try to change them, it’s better to change the way you react to them. If you have to work closely with them, try to resolve the conflict and find a middle ground in order to work productively. Sometimes, we just can’t force our ideas on others no matter how much we think we are right. Try accepting people for who they really are and if you really can’t agree with their way of doing things, just minimize the interaction and focus on those who are on your side.

5. Deliver praise and recognize efforts

If you’re in a upper-level or managerial position, this tip is for you. It’s important to recognize people for their efforts and give compliments that they deserve. A simple “thank you for the hard work”, or “you did a good job” can make someone’s day at work and in a long run, boost their morale and motivated them to do better. Recognize them often as there won’t be a team without them. Ultimately, everyone is trying to contribute and make the company great.

6. Have a life outside of work

Think about it. Do you have the weekends for yourself? Or you still have to catch up on emails and reply to your boss’s text messages? If you returned to work Monday feeling more tired, you should start making your downtime a priority. Schedule some “me time” for yourself after work or during the weekends. Whether it’s cooking, hitting the gym, or just relaxing at home with a book, make sure you make time for yourself. Also, it’s important to set clear expectations with your boss about the response rate for text messages/emails after working hours. Your professional and home lives should always stay separate.

7. Get some steps in

If you have a very sedentary job that makes you sit on the chair for 8 hours every day, it’s especially vital to you overall health and mood to take a few breaks throughout your workday to get some steps in. Walk around the office floor or go get a coffee in the pantry, anything that get you up on your feet help! So next time when you’re feeling overwhelmed with your work or a little sluggish, try this tip and see how you feel after that!

8. Refrain from micromanaging

Sometimes, you have trust others to do their job. It’s hard especially for perfectionists who want everything to be perfect and no room is allowed for mistakes. Now it’s good be meticulous with your work but being overly particular about things will not only stress yourself out, but also make people around you nervous. Take a chill pill and refrain yourself from micromanaging your others. Of course, trust has to be earned but at least give them a chance to show their capabilities. Once the trust is built up within the team, it will not only motivate each member to put in more effort, but also keep your stress level low.

9. Avoid the gossip trap

Office gossip is nothing new. In fact, people are bound to discuss about other colleagues or speculate on the latest happenings in the office. But, don’t turn harmless talks to inflammatory rumors that might hurt someone’s reputation. It’s more beneficial to avoid the gossip trap and focus on improving your productivity instead.

“Gossip can potentially breed distrust between colleagues over time.”

10. Stay positive

It seems like a simple act but not many can actually do it. Instead of thinking of the worst case scenario, try to see the bright side. You’ll feel better about life in general when you’re positive. In addition, having a positive and can-do attitude at work will also boost your motivation and you’ll achieve your goals faster. You are in control of your own mindset, and by focusing on the positive things in your job, you’ll make your work more enjoyable.

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