7 Things You Should Never Discuss at Work 

If you want to develop and maintain good working relationships with teammates and coworkers, you should take note of the topics that you’re better off not discussing with them. While there are personal topics that are safe enough to be discussed, there are those that may make one uncomfortable and are not fit for friendly discussion, at least in the workplace. While such topics may eventually come up during casual conversations, talking too much about them especially when it’s uncalled for, can be deemed inappropriate.

Now, why is it important to be selective on topics you’ll discuss at work? It’s difficult to work harmoniously with each other if you cause strain on your work relationships. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to have personal problems with any of your coworkers.

Here are the seven topics you should not discuss at work.

1. Religion

Religion is a very personal topic and you may not know who among your coworkers have strong religious beliefs. Of course, you don’t have to hide your own religious affiliation, but it’s best to be careful not to talk about and against other religions. It’s also unwise to lecture others regarding religion. You should also refrain from imposing your beliefs on others, too. 

2. Politics

Each of us has political beliefs, whether they are vocal about it or not. While you may want others to agree with you, it’s best to keep your political beliefs from affecting your relationship with others. You may find that some of your coworkers do not agree with you, and once you start a conversation on politics, it can get heated up pretty quickly. If you want to remain in good terms with coworkers, you’re better off not bringing up politics into the dialogue.

3. Sex matters

Nobody needs to know about matters of the bed. Talking and boasting about your active sex life may offend and make people uncomfortable. Constantly talking about sex, especially toward someone who isn’t asking about it, may also be considered as sexual harassment. 

4. Family problems

There are instances when you can’t help but talk to your boss or coworkers closest to you about your problems at home. You might think that this way, they will understand when there are times you are underperforming. However, you should be careful when and who will you talk about these issues with. For one, your boss might think that your family problems are distracting you. Meanwhile, your coworkers might make your personal problems a hot watercooler gossip topic.

5. Your career goals

Maybe you consider your current job as a stepping stone toward your ultimate career goal. While that’s fine and completely natural, it can be disrespectful to talk about your career aspirations at work. Furthermore, you don’t really need to share it with your coworkers and it’s something that you don’t want your boss to hear about.

6. Your salary

Talking about salary and compensation is a work etiquette no-no. Employees usually don’t get the same salary, even if they have the same positions and titles. You want to be careful not to let others know that you’re getting higher than them or vice versa.

7. Finances

At one point or another, everyone goes through financial difficulties. You might feel the need to vent out sometimes, but as much as possible, avoid talking about finances altogether. Why? Your coworkers may either feel bad about you or judge you, both of which are scenarios you don’t want happening, do you?

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Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

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