4 Things to Consider Before You Decide on a Mid-Career Change

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One day at your current work, you find yourself craving for new opportunities, a new purpose, and a new career. You get fired up and wonder, “What more does life have in store for me?”

However, taking that bold step for a mid-career change may be nerve-wracking if you don’t know what to expect, how to prepare, and what action plans to consider. Finally stepping out of your comfort zone to reach for new heights, you should ask yourself, “Am I ready?”

That said, read on and consider the following factors before making a decision on your mid-career change.


One of the things you should factor in on how to successfully change careers is your motive. Why are you leaving your current job? Is it for a better opportunity? Is it because you no longer feel that your current work is really for you?

The purpose of asking these questions to yourself is not to discourage you from taking that step toward your career goals. Instead, this lets you further assess your reasons and/or motive in shifting careers, helping you see if taking the next step is going to be worthwhile.

Personal and career growth

Assess the opportunities you have access to in your current role. Sometimes, we need to go out of our way to ask and see if certain doors for improvement are already open. However, if your current employer or job doesn’t give way to your personal and career growth, considering taking on a new role in a different organization may be your better option.


While mid-career shifters may have different reasons for their career choices, doing research can help you in forming a more holistic decision.

Researching the specifics of the new company or job you’re eyeing is crucial because you wouldn’t want to take on a new role in an organization you don’t know anything about. To make your mid-career change more worthwhile, check if your target organization or role fits your expectations, and/or will let you do more things that are aligned to your new purpose.

Transition action plan

For a better career transition, you must put effort into setting clear goals and action plans for your next move. A well-thought-out mid-career change doesn’t only organize your present actions to take, but also help map out long term career plans as well.

Further, other questions you need to ask yourself in creating your transition action plans are the following:

  • Are you financially ready?
  • Do you have a plan B?
  • Are you willing to take risks?
  • Is your why greater than the risks you have to take as you face a mid-career change?

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what and how you really think and feel about how you should decide for your career choices. What’s important is that you properly form your action plans, assess yourself well, and be ready to take risks for your goals.
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