4 Ways to Overcome Burnout and Stay Motivated

Bossjob 4 Ways to Overcome Burnout and Stay Motivated

A recent study by Indeed showed that approximately 52 percent of global workers suffer from job burnout. Burnout arises from sustained workplace stress and usually manifests as excess fatigue, sadness and irritability, insomnia, and reduced productivity. It can result in substance abuse, cardiovascular diseases, and mental health problems if not timely mitigated. Accordingly, it is vital to understand how you can overcome burnout and stay motivated in the workplace.

Here are some proven ways on how this can be achieved.

1. Say “No” to Bully Bosses

Bully bosses are some of the leading causes of burnout in the workplace. Most of us are conditioned to be accommodative to bosses and perform extra assignments even when it goes against our job mandates. However, acquiescing to demanding requests from bully bosses progressively leads to burnout and reduced well-being. To overcome burnout, you must learn to spot bully bosses and say no to their excessive demands.

2. Be Social in the Workplace

Like in our day-to-day activities, being social in the workplace is hugely vital. Being social is associated with reduced stress and promotes a sense of belongingness. Job burnout is sometimes caused by employees feeling distant from their workplace or the job they are doing. The sense of belonging promoted by socialization can create a connection between you and your workplace, ultimately allowing you to overcome burnout. However, socialization can be challenging if there are difficult employees in the workplace. Consequently, you need to learn how to deal with difficult people at work and determine how you will socialize and interact with them.

3. Remain Focused

When starting a job, people often have goals and targets that lead them to perform effectively in the first weeks and months. As time progresses, one may lose focus on the goals and, subsequently, the motivation to work. Burnout begins to creep in, ultimately robbing you of the happiness you once had for the job. Accordingly, one of the most effective ways to overcome burnout is to focus on your goals. It would be best to remind yourself what you want to achieve and concentrate on getting it. If it is a promotion, evaluate your long-term goals and establish a support system to keep you motivated.

4. Change Careers

Changing careers can be a breath of fresh air since it puts a break to a previously consuming job or toxic workplace culture. This can help you overcome burnout since you will meet new employees and managers and experience new workplace cultures. However, assessing what caused your burnout is advisable before changing careers. This may help you determine if a change is your best course of action. When choosing jobs, apply those that best fit your personality type. Transitioning to a job that fits your personality type may make work more exciting and prevent burnout from recurring.

Overall, overcoming burnout is both an internal and external issue. You must create the best working environment for yourself whilst still practicing self-care and keeping your health in check. This makes a good work-life balance indispensable. If you feel stressed at work, you can always talk to your colleagues and loved ones, as they may help you overcome any ensuing burnout.

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