Top 10 AI Tools Other Than ChatGPT That Are Revolutionizing the World

Bossjob Top 10 AI Tools Other Than ChatGPT That Are Revolutionizing the World

When ChatGPT was introduced to the world in November 2022, everyone was mystified by how easily it answered prompts on various science, philosophy, gaming, and even engineering topics. This free AI tool has allowed people to experience and appreciate the full capabilities of AI in the modern world. However, numerous people are still missing out on countless AI tools that can perform a plethora of functions in day-to-day activities, business, and academics. 

Here are the top 10 of these AI tools.

1. Ocoya

This AI tool helps you create social media content faster and more efficiently. You can include Ocoya as one of the social media management tools you need to kick-start your social media management journey successfully.

2. Quickchat

Quickchat is a conversational AI that can be integrated into messaging applications and websites to automate customer service chats. Consequently, businesses can use this AI tool to enhance customer experience and generate more traffic and sales.

3. Puzzle Labs

This AI tool functions as a knowledge base for teams, customers, and organizational processes. Puzzle labs can be handy when managing remote teams and improving the brand name.

4. Stockimg

This AI tool helps generate stock images, book covers, posters, and wallpapers. You can use Stockimg when creating your social media resume, as it can help get the best stock photos to improve your brand image.

5. Illustroke

Illustroke is an AI tool that creates vector illustrations through a text prompt. Vector artwork is usually quality and high resolution and looks appealing on websites and posters. Recruiters can use Illustroke when recruiting and hiring Gen Z to create job ads and posters.

6. Flair

This AI tool designs branded content faster and more efficiently. Good brand images not only help increase conversion and sales but may also give the impression of a serious and trustworthy organization. This may be a starting point for building a strong employer brand  and may help you attract talent.

7. Podcastle

This AI tool helps record, edit, and export podcasts seamlessly. Podcasts are an efficient way of educating people in the business world. For instance, this tool may be vital if you want to inform people about how they can become good team leaders.

8. Krisp

Krisp streamlines business calls by eliminating background voices, noises, and echoes. Recruiters can use this AI tool when hiring Gen Z, as the process may inevitably involve voice calls.

9. Copy

This AI tool generates copy that leads to higher conversion. It is one of the AI tools that can help change your digital marketing strategy.

10. Unbounce Smart Copy

Unbounce Smart Copy writes quality and engaging copies for use on numerous platforms. This AI tool can help people in digital marketing jobs, such as copywriters and email marketing specialists. It can create high-quality custom cold emails that lead to higher conversions.

Each AI tool above helps complete a task conventionally considered grueling or time-consuming. They are developed to make our work easier and allow us to concentrate on other issues. There are, of course, other AI tools that are vital depending on the field in which they are applied or the extent to which they help simplify a specific problem. Nonetheless, these ten are crucial and worth familiarizing oneself with.

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