6 Free Fitness Classes You Can Attend From Home

Here in the Philippines, there are still cities and provinces that are on strict lockdown, so it’s still impossible to go back to the gym yet. If you’re getting bored and itching to go outside, why don’t you try participating in online classes? Since it’s summer, let us use all the time we have to make ourselves better by doing simple exercises at home. To help you sweat your stress off, here is a repository of free online fitness classes you can attend from home:

1. Urban Ashram Yoga

Are you fond of yoga? Urban Ashram Yoga has been offering fitness classes to people with or without experience in workout programs. They offer free fitness videos that allow everyone to learn while keeping themselves safe at home. Urban Ashram has long dedicated itself to help people achieve their personal fitness goals, so these lengthy yoga videos are sure worth the try.

2. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness lives up to its name as one of the most recognized gym studios in the Philippines by adopting online fitness programs. From simple stretches to elaborate workout routines, Anytime Fitness provided everyone with simple but effective workout videos to try at home. These convenient online fitness classes are posted on their Facebook page to reach a wider audience.

3. Cosmo PH Workout Tips

Now, this one does not require membership unlike most online fitness programs out there, but it sure does help in trying to stay fit at home. Cosmo listed five (5) simple, non-weight workout routines you can try any time of the day. This workout involves things you can easily see at home, so it’s pretty convenient to repeat every day.

4. Plana Forma

Plana Forma offers free workout tutorials on their Instagram page. Their videos range from simple dos and don’ts in exercises to elaborate body-building routines. Visit their Instagram page whenever you want to start shaping up!

5. YogaPlus

Since March 15, YogaPlus has committed itself to offer entirely free 60-minute workout routines, to be streamed on their Facebook live. They also do routines requested by followers and fans. Head on to their Facebook page and stay tuned of their daily postings to learn new techniques you’ve never tried before!

6. Kerry Sports

Itching to burn those calories faster? Try Kerry Sports’ Rad Rope program. They offer free online classes ranging from yoga, circuit training, and more. Indeed, all we need is a little patience in toning up and we’ll get the results we want to see, soon!

Let’s look at the bright side! Now, you don’t have to spend money on expensive gym clothes to look presentable. You can just roll out of bed, have some coffee, and do some nerve-wracking exercise—all within the comfort of your own home!
By exercising, you’re keeping your mental well-being safe, as well. Don’t let COVID-19 hinder you from achieving your fitness goals! These are just among the top online fitness classes out there, and we are sure you will find more. Save time, money, and resources by working out at home. By doing so, you’re helping beat COVID-19 as well! When this is over, let us all come out of quarantine safe, peaceful, and healthy!

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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