3 Tech Trends Invading Asia in 2021 and Beyond

5G Network

2021 calls for resilience, hope, and moving forward. True enough, Asia has been at its core of rediscovering ways to recover from market disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, leveraging available data insights and resources has been a great way for businesses to plan their next steps toward agility. Taking on digital transformation also plays a huge role to succeed from here moving forward.

It’s amazing to note how technology has helped organizations accelerate their technological shifts despite being in a health crisis. As more and more people turn to online tech for work, learning, and entertainment, businesses play a key role in reshaping the economic landscape from here on out.

With that, let’s look at the emerging technology trends in Asia this 2021 and see how Asian tech companies take part in these.

1. AI-driven businesses

The ongoing digital transformation journey shared by a lot of enterprises will continue to be driven by artificial intelligence or AI.

According to FedEx Business Insights, more than 50% of companies in the Asia-Pacific region have launched AI, with the top three priorities in consideration: AI in customer experience, faster and more effective business decisions, and increasing overall business efficiency.

As part of the top emerging tech trends in Asia, AI has been helping organizations thrive even during crises, such as using predictive data analyses to aid AI hiring vs. human hiring, for example.

2. 5G networks

Telecommunications operators around South East Asia are now starting to upgrade their current networks to deliver high-speed, low latency, and more reliable connectivity brought by 5G. In relation to this, organizations’ data strategies in place will be impacted due to the need to consider the broad number of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices that are 5G-supported.

On top of that, 5G reignites growth in enterprise and consumer markets according to Kearney. Providing more opportunities for countries in South East Asia, 5G will also represent up to 22% of enterprise revenues by 2025.

3. Cloud computing

Remote working drives a significant increase in the need for a speedy transition to the cloud. Having a functional cloud allows various enterprises to work remotely while maintaining efficiency, where team members can access and use a central work platform. That said, cloud computing is one of the technology trends in Asia, and across the globe, that’s here to stay.

Also, it’s important to always be mindful of the risks associated with the use of technology. Businesses’ strong security and governance systems are vital to comply with regulations such as data privacy laws.

Taking Part in Asia’s Technology Innovations

With all these emerging trends and new technology in Asia, the demand for tech professionals will undeniably be on the rise. As more organizations shift to digital processes, employ AI in their businesses, and derive strategic insights from data, they need more human resources who can interpret, take charge of, and implement fast-evolving trends toward business success.

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