5 Tips to Recharge on Weekends

TGIF! The weekend always feels like a sweet treat especially during hectic weekdays at work. Rest and relaxation probably dominate your mind right about now. Maybe you have a weekend getaway trip or a planned get-together with friends — yay for weekends!

However, do you ever find yourself feeling that the weekend went by just like that? Have you ever felt like you weren’t able to rest at all and come Sunday evening, you’re still tired and not ready for Monday?

It’s possible you’re not properly recharging and getting the most of your weekends. Break that weekend exhaustion spell with these five tips to fully and truly recharge on weekends.

1. Start your day with mindfulness

After getting enough sleep, make sure to make time for a mental break on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Begin your day with silence. Try meditation. It will help clear your mind and boost your mood, as well as get in touch with your reality. Meditation has also been known to help decrease stress levels that may have increased and accumulated during the workweek. 

Of course, if you plan to meditate, do not check your phone — email, social media and all — first thing in the morning. If possible, keep your phone away from you during your rest days.

2. Move it!

After five days of getting stuck at your desk, you finally have the freedom to move around. So, take advantage of it. Consider doing some yoga poses in the morning. Better yet, go to yoga class every weekend. You can also go out and walk or jog. Playing sports with family and friends will also help get your blood pumping and release pent-up energy.

3. Binge on healthy food

When we’re too busy at work, we often don’t give nutrition much thought. Usually, we eat whatever we crave for as long as it’s within the budget we allot for food. Think comfort food and fast food. Guilty? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This weekend, give yourself a chance to eat good food to replenish your body. Cooking a meal for yourself and for the family may also prove relaxing and therapeutic.

4. Be one with nature

If possible, drive or travel away from the city to a nearby province where you can enjoy nature. A day trip at the beach or a mountain hike lets you slow down and at the same time, clear your mind and get your body moving. What’s more, this is also a good way to bond with family and friends.

5. Stay away from electronics

This could be the hardest to do as technology has already been deeply ingrained in our life. However, if you could, you may find it to be entirely refreshing and fulfilling. Studies show that the use of electronics can induce stress without you noticing. If you just want to pass the time, do things other than playing with your phone or browsing social media and the Web. Read a book, organize your wardrobe, or have a face-to-face chat with your friends instead of chatting with them online.

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Photo by Bino Le on Unsplash

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