7 Tips and Tricks to Recruiting Remotely

With streets empty and homes closed, one may wonder how businesses and livelihoods are being run. Since the law modifies and creates our new normals, we are deemed to abide by it—hence the spike of cyber businesses. Since social distancing is strictly enforced, businesses and transactions are moved—if possible—online. 

The job market is taking a huge hit from the coronavirus pandemic. As the virus hits even the most successful cities, employers are finding it hard to recruit people to fill in their job vacancies. Fortunately, there are lots of people who either resigned or got laid off from their jobs. This situation benefits both companies and job seekers. Therefore, heightening the demand for tips on how to hire and recruit remotely.

Taking the recruitment process online helps companies reduce their overhead and miscellaneous costs. Plus, it helps save the environment, too! Read on to know the 7 best remote recruiting tips your company must note.

7 Remote Recruiting Tips Worth Noting

1. Craft a structured job hiring process.

As long as the coronavirus pandemic persists, companies won’t be able to traditionally scan and select new hires. This is why during quarantine season if you intend to hire remotely, you must create and follow a structured hiring process. Crafting one will help you find and hire people fast and easy.

2. Utilize job posting platforms.

Social media giants like Facebook and LinkedIn share one interesting commonality: a job search feature. Whether it be LinkedIn or Facebook, people are using their personal accounts to seek jobs that align with their goals. Since both platforms rake massive people who seek different jobs every day, it will be convenient to pick an applicant that fits your standards the most.

3. Write enticing job ads and copies.

To attract qualified individuals, you must first make your job post stand out. What makes your company/brand differ from the rest? Applicants will also want to know the kind of company they will work with. So, ensure to communicate effectively with your target audience through job ads and copies.

4. State your expectations wisely.

What kind of applicant are you looking for? Clearly stating your purpose and expectations is as crucial as writing enticing job ads. Your readers must know that you are serious about hiring them.

5. Expedite hiring with ATS.

There are lots of factors that shaped our jobs to what it is today. If your company uses Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) before, you may want to continue using it now. Save yourself from the tedious work of accepting and reading thousands of resumes daily.

6. Take time to choose qualified applicants.

Many people would love the idea of working from home, and there are lots of people who lost their jobs in this pandemic. Thus, selecting the best applicants among the multitudes may tire you out. Just as you have decided to follow a structured hiring process, writing a list of the qualities you want your new hire to have is a must, too.

7. Use interview tools to your advantage.

One of the best remote recruiting tips to know is this: technology is your friend. From selecting and scanning to interviewing applicants, being tech-savvy saves you a lot of work. There are lots of job interview tools you can use online to ease the long, dreadful hiring process. In-person meetings are mostly prohibited these days, so using interview tools will give you the most advantage. 

We’ve compiled these remote recruiting tips to help lessen your burden. More and more people will dig into the idea of working from home amid the pandemic crisis, so learning how to form and handle a remote workforce can aid your business in the long run.

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