Why Recruiters Should Consider Text Recruitment

Bossjob Why Recruiters Should Consider Text Recruitment

Communication is critical to the success of the hiring process, as recruiters must continually interact with candidates and react to any emerging issues. Poor communication can dent the process leading to poor choice of candidates. One of the most critical communication channels for organizations is text messaging. Text recruitment provides quick and real-time information to recruiters and candidates, easing hiring and cementing cooperation in these earlier stages. Given this advantage, companies are progressively implementing text recruitment in their hiring process.

If you have yet to use the text recruitment strategy, here are some other reasons you should consider it.

1. Significantly Fewer Delays

Delays in communication are one of the major recruitment challenges for recruiters. While emails are considered more formal, they have a low open rate and reply rate, making the hiring process unnecessarily lengthy. Text recruitment eases this process since text messages have a high open and reply rate. This makes it ideal for planning interviews, reminders, or appointments.

2. Allows Recruiters to Connect With Preferred Candidates

Recruiters are always looking to match with the best candidates for a position. Lengthy application processes can lead to low response rates for a job post or attract unideal candidates. Text recruitment enables recruiters to source candidates easily through text to apply software and communicate with them faster so this can be the first step to building a strong employer brand and help you attract candidates best suited to your organization.

3. More Appealing to Gen Z’s

By 2025, Gen Z’s are predicted to constitute a third of the global population and about 20 percent of the workforce. This is a colossal number indicating that recruitment processes must inevitably lean toward Gen Z’s preferences, which are more technologically oriented. This orientation is, in fact, expressed in the jobs that Gen Z’s are interested in. One of this generation’s most preferred communication methods is text messaging. Recruiters are more likely to attract better candidates from this generation if they integrate text recruitment in their hiring process.

4. Concordant With an Applicant Tracking System

Most recruiters use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in recruitment to improve efficiency and streamline operations. Text recruitment is compatible with ATSs as recruiters can include job application keywords, links that lead to mobile-friendly application forms, or FAQs. This allows recruiters to communicate to numerous candidates simultaneously, sort applications based on specific criteria, and at the same time store messages that can track compliance. The efficiency arising from this process reduces recruitment costs and increases the chances of hiring the best candidates for a job.

Text recruitment should therefore be a top priority for recruiters who have not already considered it in their recruitment processes. Recruiters are invariably looking for candidates who exude communication expertise in their daily operations. As a recruiter, you can begin showing the significance of better communication by integrating a channel that fosters two-way and convenient communication in the recruitment process. There is no better channel in this regard than text messaging.

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