Effective Strategies for Hiring Gen Z

Bossjob Effective Strategies for Hiring Gen Z

The Gen Z generational cohort is already entering the job market, as the oldest is 26 years old. It is estimated that by 2030, the oldest members of this generation will constitute approximately 10 percent of the workforce. However, Gen Zers have specific preferences and mannerisms, making recruitment particularly stressful for organizations. They want to work in jobs that instill a sense of purpose, get good pay and have a proper work-life balance. Nevertheless, before understanding their preferences, recruiters must engage in particular activities to attract this generational cohort to their organization. Here are some tricks that can help in hiring Gen Z effectively.

1. Use a Combination of Email and Text Messaging Communication

When hiring Gen Z, you must use communication channels that appeal to them. While most prefer using emails when communicating with prospective employers, they rank text messaging as their favorite mode of communication. Additionally, Gen Zers have an open DM culture which can ease remote recruitment and allow recruiters to send updates and schedule interviews without worrying about angering them.

2. Use Instant Messaging Platforms Such as Facebook and Instagram

A key distinguishing element of Gen Zers  is their predisposition to instant gratification. They want to engage in activities that serve their needs presently and are barely patient. Granted, when hiring Gen Z, advertising jobs on platforms that allow instant messaging, such as Facebook and Instagram, is vital. Gen Zers often use these social media platforms for job searches. Integrating chatbots that can immediately respond to their questions may create the instant gratification they need to be attracted to your organization.

3. Make Your Career Site Attractive

Gen Zers are doubtlessly the most tech-savvy generation currently. This means they are more likely to be attracted to digitally appealing and inventive sites than banal and unappealing sites. Accordingly, when hiring Gen Z, you must make your career sites appealing and easy to use. This means hiring expert front-end web developers and continually re-inventing your sites to make them engaging.

4. Be Flexible and Open to Change

Flexibility and openness to change are continually emphasized in almost every job sphere in the modern global economy. However, these two are more relevant when it comes to dealing with Gen Zers in the recruitment space. Predictably, Gen Z will constitute 25% of the global population by 2025. They are the most dynamic and trendy population and can whimsically shift their preferences and needs even when there is no history to support such a change. Therefore, it becomes indispensably vital to be receptive to change and show flexibility when hiring Gen Z. This can also help you overcome some  common recruitment challenges that come with rigidity, such as bad employer brand and inefficient processes.

Exercising these tricks is undoubtedly helpful in hiring Gen Z effectively. They are informed by Gen Z’s psychology, mannerisms, preferences, and needs. Recruiters should continually familiarize themselves with Gen Z’s behavior to tailor their hiring processes to their needs. This can allow them to ease onboarding in their organizations and benefit from the full extent of this generation’s skills and talent.

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