It Is Okay To Reach Out To People Who Are In The Same Position You Want In The Future

Dreaming of a certain position but unsure of how to network appropriately for it? Well, if you’re doubting whether or not it’s a good idea to reach out to people who are in the same position that you want, you won’t get anywhere. Starting to doubt on this step will not lead you to anything good, unless you actually go out there and take action. Besides, you don’t have any sketchy motives, so there’s nothing to fret about. To help you in this nerve-wracking step, here are some tips on how to win a new network and gain helpful information from that person:

Approach the person.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you’re doing this for the future you. So, whatever happens, dedicate it to yourself and your progress. Start by keeping in touch with the person who has a job position you admire. You can only ask comfortably once the relationship develops, so take the time into nurturing a good one. If you already have established a stable professional relationship, begin by inviting them for coffee and asking genuinely about the things you want to learn.

Establish your credibility.

Setting up yourself as a credible, trustworthy professional boosts your chances of attracting better networks. Once you have established yourself, you can confidently send networking invites without feeling inferior. If you are still not connected with the person you want to reach out to, sending an invitation is the most ideal way to start. Take everything slowly and remember to not overpower your newly established network.

Highlight your edge.

Before you get that highly needed information from a prospective network, the other person would always want to know if you’re a capable professional first. Let your new contact know what your skills are and the contributions you have done. This way, you’re setting a clear pool of understanding that you deserve to be in their network, and that you are a honed individual that deserves great insights.

Understand your network.

If the person you look up to is a high-profile expert on their field, bear in mind that they receive lots of networking requests from other people as well. They won’t be able to respond right back to you, or in some cases, due to schedule reasons, they don’t have the luxury to expand their network anymore. With this in mind, whatever response you receive, you have to acknowledge it genuinely. Respecting other people’s time proves that you’re a great person to connect with, too.

Admiring a person’s job position is normal. In fact, it’s great that you aspire to be as great as them! Hence, do your best in preparing the list of your prospective networks and connecting with them. And in rare cases that you have to wait for that perfect time to network with a specific person, you can focus on bettering your professional expertise instead. Know the best employability skills to have, research on training that can help you improve, and update your formal documents in the meantime. You’re guaranteed to land that position if you invest your time and effort into preparing for it.

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