2020: Our Year in Review

The year 2020 has brought new challenges not just in our personal lives, but also in the way we do work.

We at Bossjob had our fair share of experiencing some abrupt changes, but never ceased staying true to what our mission holds for recruiters, employers, and job seekers. We chose to see the opportunity to adapt due to the new demands that this pandemic has brought. This is Bossjob 2020 in review.

Innovating Amidst New Challenges

This year, we strengthened the way we see challenges on how these can lead us to more opportunities and discover more ways to improve the way we offer our services. Bossjob took this pandemic as a time to reflect, review, and look at the untapped potential to grow, both on the business front as well as on our suite of products. This is also to look at how we can build a more robust strategy to accommodate the growing needs of remote work during this time and help us promote the use of our website, easily accessible via desktop and mobile.

Further, these trying times didn’t hold us back in implementing new subscription plans for employers to maximize their money’s worth according to their recruiting needs. To add, this year also paved the way for other milestones, such as:

  • Bossjob had been handpicked out of 300 shortlisted startups to join the Grab Ventures Ignite program and gain meaningful insights as well as bridge new collaborations to review and improve on our business and product strategies to better serve you in your job hunt.
  • Bossjob has made vast product improvements including adding new useful tools and features to our user dashboard, candidate scoring, and subscription management to help job seekers and recruiters navigate their hiring and job search process more efficiently.

Inspiring Numbers That Fuel Our Mission

Despite the economy seemingly slowing down for a good 3-4 months in 2020 during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bossjob still managed to gain significant growth rates up to 10 folds since 2019. Let’s highlight some of the notable accomplishments and milestones for our 2020.

Bossjob’s registered users has grown to 1.5 million while job applications rose to 2.1 million since 2019, as well as adding 6 new significant job board partners, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

During this period we also work much closely with industry giants in Philippines including 51Talk, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, and TTEC, among others.

Into a Stronger, Purposeful 2021

Through this 2020 year in review, we realized how heavy it has been—heavy in challenges yet full of learnings and new opportunities.

Despite everything, our mission remains and even evolves—to make job search and recruitment easier by providing user-led features that help job seekers and employers to find their right match, without compromising quality and breaking the bank.

As we go into a brand new year, may we find more meaning in what we do, continually striving to improve how we can serve our community with strength, courage, and passion. Bossjob remains steadfast as your recruitment and job search partner, through the years and years to come.

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