How to Pursue a Finance Career Without a Finance Degree

Banking and finance careers rank among the top highest-paying in the Philippines. That said, more and more are considering taking on jobs in these fields.

The list of careers in finance include:

  • Stockbroker
  • Personal financial advisor
  • Accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Loan officer
  • Bank teller

Want to take your shot in this field but you think you might not be equipped enough? Heed these practical tips on how you snag a finance job without a finance degree!

1. Get a relevant internship or volunteer work.

A great way to get a closer look at the financial sector is to experience it. Finance majors have the opportunity to intern for their dream jobs or companies while doing finance work to fully hone their skills. However, non-finance graduates can consider options such as unpaid internships or volunteer work with finance professionals to gain relevant experiences.

If you really can’t afford not to earn an income while you work, snag a job that doesn’t require specialized finance skills. This way, you’re getting an inside look at how your future role will look like!

2. Actively grow your network.

Another way to help you pursue a finance job without a finance degree is to learn from others and connect with them.

Use social media platforms to tap experienced, like-minded professionals who you can talk to regarding your options. Also, aim to have a mentor and/or an accountability partner who can look out for you and your progress in your chosen field.

Don’t get overwhelmed in expanding your network, most especially when tapping experts in the industry. Always remember that it’s okay to reach out to people you look up to who can serve as your inspiration.

3. Be aware of your strengths.

Like in any job, your areas of interests and expertise play a huge role in determining which finance job you can take on and how you will pursue it. Use your competencies to complement needed finance skills to help you step up your career path in this field. Bank on skills and experiences you already have and focus on areas you need to improve.

4. Never stop learning.

Now that there are a lot of free courses easily accessible online, you have increased opportunities in expanding your knowledge base in your chosen finance career. Here are some steps to take:

  • Complete industry courses to help you develop your technical skills and soft skills better.
  • Learn the lingo by researching the definition and practical application of financial jargon.

As you do these, always have an eager-to-learn attitude, as being humbly open to new learnings can greatly impact your success in this industry.

Being in the finance sector involves dealing with constantly changing trends, updates, and relevant news. Invest your time, resources, and efforts in opportunities that can help you become a well-rounded professional in your finance job without a degree.

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