What are the Most Attractive Jobs to Reskill Into?

Bossjob What are the Most Attractive Jobs to Reskill Into?

As cliché as it may sound, we live in a world where the only constant thing is change. True enough, the COVID-19 pandemic brought such a great impact not just on how we live our personal lives but also on the way we do work. Further, career expectations and job trends are also evolving to meet the demands of the so-called “new normal.”

With that, employers have become more flexible in implementing improved and new hiring and recruitment policies to attract quality talent. In fact, upskilling and reskilling have also been part of their major considerations due to the many advantages these can bring to the organization. So, what does this mean to you as a job seeker in today’s age?

What is the importance of reskilling? While it offers a lot of advantages to employers, it can also help you become a more versatile talent. For Filipinos, one of the main reasons they’re willing to reskill is for them to stay competitive. Now, you might be in that stage where you want to reassess your career journey and check out what other opportunities await you. Fret not! In this blog, we outline some of the most attractive jobs and career paths you can consider reskilling into!

IT and Technology

With more and more businesses realizing the value of IT and technology for sustainability, the demand for field professionals is undeniably on the rise. Further, this industry is among those less impacted by the global health crisis, albeit reporting a significant increase in demand and working hours.

Such field experts are responsible for helping organizations keep their digital infrastructure smoothly running and providing troubleshooting assistance to technology consumers. To add, IT pros help organizations keep up with technological advances and carry out security procedures.

While information technology encompasses a vast array of specialized roles and expertise, these are the most common IT career paths you can consider looking into:

  1. Computer support
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Networks and systems
  4. Software development
  5. Web development
  6. Data
  7. Cloud computing

To further give you an idea of what specific job roles you can take on in this field, check out this blog about the most in-demand IT jobs in the Philippines. You can also browse available IT job openings listed on Bossjob!

Marketing Communications

One of the perks of being a marketing professional is that you can use your expertise in almost every industry. That’s what makes it one of the most attractive jobs to reskill into.

Marketing is an integral part of every business to keep it sustainable, up-to-date, and competitive. Thus, the demand for marketing geniuses has become stiffer most especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when businesses need to step up their game in addressing the ever-changing consumer behavior.

To help you get started in searching for the top jobs in this field, you may check out these job postings on Bossjob:

  1. Social media specialist
  2. Marketing communications specialist
  3. Public relations specialist
  4. Marketing coordinator
  5. Digital marketing manager
  6. Content marketing manager

Now that you’re familiar with your career options for reskilling success, it’s time for you to take that first leap toward your next journey! Before anything else, sit down and revisit or draft your career plan. Strategize your action steps so that you can have a rather smooth transition to your new target industry!

For more go-to guides like this, check out Bossjob’s blog archives on all things career advice and beyond!

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