7 Ways to Turn Your Passion Into a Career

Bossjob 7 Ways to Turn Your Passion Into a Career

You’re probably feeling tired dragging yourself to show up at work day after day just because you’re supposed to. The passion isn’t there, nor the drive and enthusiasm to keep going.

Now that you’ve lost that loving feeling you had for your job before, you end up being clueless about what you should do next.

Or maybe you just don’t feel fulfilled with where you’re currently in at all. You’re happy with the work you do, but you feel that there’s something missing. You probably see how your passion can fill that gap inside you.

If you find yourself considering making a living from what you love doing, here are some practical ways how you can turn your passion into a career you’d definitely find worthwhile.

1. Discover what makes you happy and fulfilled.

Before anything else, you should have a clear understanding of what you love doing. It’s also best for you to differentiate your interests from your passions to help you better pinpoint which is which. Usually, interests are fleeting activities that are more likely to change throughout the course of your life. On the other hand, passions are long-lasting and all-consuming.

Now, take a step back and reassess yourself. What passions do you have that you would like to integrate into your lifelong career?

Aside from that, you should try and point out the positives and the negatives of your current job. Listing the positives lets you discover more about yourself and which aspects of your profession lets you feel fulfilled. Meanwhile, knowing what it is about the job that’s making you unhappy lets you list the possible ways you could change it.

2. Get trained.

If you really intend to make your passion your profession, you have to take steps to be qualified toward succeeding in your chosen path. Whether you choose to get a formal education or do some self-study, it’s crucial to boost your skills and enhance your expertise once you pursue your passion as a career.

Start by researching the leading organizations in your industry and look into their training initiatives. Consider becoming certified in these programs, most especially if you plan to join their company as well. Moreover, you can know more about certificate courses offered by local colleges.

You can also opt for online learning! Explore online courses in Bossjob Academy you might need to take to advance your passion career.

3. Gain relevant experience.

Before thinking about quitting your day job, gauge if having relevant experience is crucial to get to where you aim to be.

You can consider taking internships, volunteer work, or part-time gigs so you can gain essential knowledge early on. This way, you’d be more familiar with the industry.

At the end of the day, you have to make sure it’s more than just a hobby. Having an excellent understanding and enough knowledge about your chosen field is a good start, but being able to apply techniques and practices you’ve experienced first-hand often beats theory.

4. Hone your skills.

Again, being in love with what you want to do is different from being good at it. If you’re really determined to make your passion help you bring food to the table and pay your bills, become a professional.

Learning how to improve your skills goes beyond the four walls of the company. In your own time, you must exert effort toward building your skillsets so that you’re continuously learning. You may consider taking on pro bono projects from people you know and trust or part-time/freelance gigs so you can put your skills into practice. Aside from that, you can also think about upskilling yourself to gain more lucrative capabilities, too.

5. Always do your research.

Do a thorough search on what you would need and what it would take for you to launch your passion career. Depending on your niche, you might need to acquire certain tools or equipment, or even earn a certification, degree, or special training.

This step can also help you grasp the reality of the current market demand. Thus, you’ll have the answer to the question: “Can you turn your passion into a career?” After all, it’s going to be risky to jump into a career with very low demand, or even one with a large number of competitors. Nonetheless, being confident in your skills and in what you can offer already sets you apart from the rest.

6. Plan your next steps.

Once you’ve already identified your passions and done some research, it might be best not to jump straight into looking for related jobs just yet. Besides, your passion is something you’d want to pursue long-term, so you must plan it out well.

For starters, it can be helpful for you to create a basic outline of your career goals by asking relevant questions:

  • Is there a market demand or gap to fill?
  • Will you be able to turn your passion into profit?
  • What resources will you need to progress your career fueled by your passion?
  • What’s your Plan B?

7. Learn to be patient.

More often than not, one’s passion can be something that’s not so profitable in the long run.

Add to that the fact that no matter what field you’re in, obstacles and setbacks are part of the equation. With this, don’t get discouraged. Knowing that change is constant and that you have the ability to build resilience while you’re building your passion career will help you brave whatever it takes to succeed.

Most importantly, accept criticism and feedback. Use these to grow and push yourself to do more. Also, make sure to allot an allowance for mistakes. These, along with your notable experiences and achievements, contribute to the life-long learning you’ll get to receive while turning your passion into a career.

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