10 Best Jobs Offering a Signing Bonus You Must Apply To

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One thing that a lot of employers offer to recruit and retain more quality talent is a hiring bonus. Also known as a signing bonus, this usually pertains to a sum of money paid to a new employee by an employer that serves as an incentive to join them. Often, this kind of bonus is given to make a compensation package more attractive to job seekers and applicants.

In this day and age when candidates are becoming more critical in choosing which companies to apply for, today’s job market also becomes more competitive as job seekers prefer employers who have more to offer.

Are you on the lookout for jobs offering compensation packages that exceed your expectations? We gathered some of the best signing bonus jobs you should check out and consider applying to!

1. Customer Service Representative | Sykes Philippines

With Sykes being one of the top companies offering competitive salary and benefits packages, applying to their CSR job opening should definitely be on your job search list.

Aside from HMO coverage, life insurance, study assistance program, and night shift allowances as part of their attractive benefits, the company offers a Php20k signing bonus.

If you want to give this available job post a try, some of the job requirements include at least 6 months of BPO experience and must be willing to work in Alabang Town Center, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

2. Technical Support Representative | Transcom Worldwide Philippines, Inc.

If you’re looking for a chance to join a team as a TSR, make sure to check out this job opening at Transcom. In this role, you’ll be focusing on driving customer satisfaction by fielding inquiries, addressing pain points, and maintaining extensive product knowledge.

Their amazing benefits include meal and transportation allowance, free psychologist consultation, loyalty incentives, retirement fund, and of course, a Php30k signing bonus as well.

If you’re a high school or college undergraduate with at least 3 years of call center experience or a college graduate with no experience yet, you’re qualified to apply for this position.

3. Travel Account Specialist | TeleTech Philippines

TeleTech is on the search for a temporary work-from-home Travel Account Specialist to proactively create meaningful connections with their team. Candidates must be residing within Pampanga.

If you land the job, you’ll be able to enjoy competitive pay and performance-based incentives with up to Php20K signing bonus! Aside from those, they also offer real career growth opportunities and company-sponsored HMO with health & wellness programs for you and your family.

4. Japanese Bilingual Senior Analyst | Accenture

If you have excellent communication skills in the Japanese and English languages, N1 to N2 JLPT Linguistic Competence Level, and at least 3 years of work experience, working as a Japanese Bilingual Senior Analyst may be your best bet!

Now, why should you consider joining Accenture? Apart from their flexible working arrangements, employee stock purchase plan, life insurance, and paid sick and vacation leaves, they also offer a Php100,000 signing bonus!

This might be your most-awaited sign. Don’t miss this kind of opportunity and take advantage of their attractive offers!

5. Call Center Agent | Sykes Philippines

With the potential to receive up to a Php20k signing bonus, competitive salary, account-specific benefits, and performance incentives, applying as a call center agent at Sykes can be your door to career success!

If you meet the minimum requirements such as at least 6 months of BPO experience, excellent English communication skills, and are willing to work in Muntinlupa City to name a few, then you might want to consider checking out this open position.

6. Mortgage Broking Assistant | VA Platinum

If you’re residing in Cebu, you might want to consider applying to this job opening at VA Platinum, mainly providing support to the Mortgage Broker.

What’s in it for you? If you join their team, you’ll be able to work on a dayshift schedule with weekends off, get entitled to annual leaves, and enjoy a Php10k sign-on bonus, too!

Up for this kind of work? Make sure to check more of the job’s requirements and duties so you can assess if this is right for you!

7. Accountant and Bookkeeper | VA Platinum

Another opportunity at VA Platinum is open to Cebu-based accountants and bookkeepers with at least 1-year Australian accounting experience. You’ll provide support to the client by managing daily accounting tasks. If you land the job, you’ll be part of a team of professionals working to maintain order and transparency for the company’s finances.

As the company offers a Php10k sign-on bonus, you’ll also be able to enjoy annual leaves and competitive benefits. Again, this position is strictly for Cebu residents only.

8. Japanese Assistant Manager | Accenture

With Accenture’s competitive salary package, company bonuses, and performance incentives, the company offers various jobs with signing bonus like this position.

The Japanese Assistant Manager will be responsible for all work assignments, committing teams to work, managing the team’s financials and mix to targets, and driving the overall people management within the team. Also, they may manage service delivery team leads.

Along with their attractive Php100k signing bonus, you can also get to experience career growth and promotion opportunities to help you with your career goals.

9. Voice & Chat Support | Sykes Philippines

If taking on a voice and chat support role is your cup of tea, then you may try applying to the country’s first multinational contact center, Sykes!

Some of the top perks of this position include weekends off, mental wellness program, HMO, and a Php20k signing bonus! Further, the company accepts inexperienced candidates for this role, having completed at least 3 years of college education.

If you’re willing to work in Alabang, Muntinlupa City, check out the specifics of this job opening and apply today.

10. Customer Service Associate | TeleTech Philippines

If you have a passion for technology and helping others, this role may best suit you. You’ll work to resolve technical requests or complex calls from customers. Whether it’s getting answers for customers quickly, consulting on products with compassion, or resolving their issues with a smile, you’ll be the difference between their customer experience being just average or an exceptional one.

With a sign-on bonus of Php20k for selected accounts, company-sponsored HMO, and educational assistance as some of the role’s top perks, you can also receive professional support and training to be a subject matter expert in your field.

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With this list of signing bonus jobs you can consider applying to, you have more choices while taking the step in advancing your career. Lastly, make sure to review and weigh your options as you send out your applications.

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