Top 10 Trending Crypto Jobs in Philippines

Bossjob Top 10 Trending Crypto Jobs in Philippines

Can you make a career in crypto?

The world of cryptocurrency doesn’t just offer a different type of currency that people can use, but also opens up a whole new opportunity for job seekers and professionals who want to explore this kind of career. Hence, the number of cryptocurrency jobs keeps on growing.

If you want to explore this kind of career and take on the challenge, here are some of the top trending crypto jobs you can consider along with the average crypto jobs salary considerations to help you decide which career to pursue.

1. Business Development Representative

Average pay as per PayScale: ₱367,610/year

Across various industries, such as finance and healthcare, cryptocurrency constantly creates new business opportunities. Business development representatives (BDRs) play a crucial role in this, as they are experts in seeking such opportunities, building partnerships, and closing deals.

If this is something you want to consider, it’s important to note that being a BDR goes beyond just having a good understanding of your company’s cryptocurrency application. It also requires you to be experienced in sales and possess exceptional communication skills. 

2. Financial Analyst

Average pay as per PayScale: ₱360,868/year

Financial analysts’ day-to-day tasks often include recommending investments, building strategies on various types of investments, gauging financial risks based on different factors, and managing investment portfolios. Also, they usually hold a license in order to do business.

Due to the nature of their responsibilities, some of their top skills involve having analytical and math skills to help make them become more competitive in their field. Apart from that, you also have to be able to learn and understand how laws, political and social instances, and economic situations may impact investments.

3. Machine Learning Engineer

Average pay as per PayScale: ₱650,000/year

Since cryptocurrency exists in the digital realm, it’s needless to say that the demand for experts in this field is on the rise as well. Machine learning engineers, for instance, are adept in creating secure and user-friendly customer experiences through digital applications. On top of these,  such professionals can also improve the security of crypto exchange platforms to prevent hacking-related incidents.

Interested in landing a machine learning engineer job? Make sure you’re familiar and experienced with natural language processing (NLP) algorithms as well as data analysis and statistical analysis languages.

4. Research Analyst

Average pay as per PayScale: ₱289,494/year

As with any other industry, research also brings significant insights and benefits to the cryptocurrency world. Since the career opportunities in this industry keep on growing, research analysts are crucial in helping educate people about key developments in cryptocurrency and allow them to make informed decisions.

Research analysts must possess skills in data analysis and strategic thinking. They must also be knowledgeable in the technicalities of the industry—such as the differences between currencies, technologies, and trading platforms, among others.

5. Technical Writer

Average pay as per PayScale: ₱367,610/year

How do investors know when companies have created new types of cryptocurrency? One way is for technical writers to craft white papers that are usually 20 to 50 pages long. These describe the company’s development plan as well as marketing strategies for their technology.

Technical writers working in the crypto field must have a basic to advanced understanding of the blockchain technology and the skills to write persuasively.

6. Web Developer

Average pay as per PayScale: ₱295,839/year

Web developers specializing in blockchain technology commonly write and maintain codes that are in the form of smart contracts. These include computer protocols allowing people to make transactions without the help of a financial institution or any other third party.

As a blockchain web developer, you must be well-versed in programming languages such as JavaScript and Python. Apart from that, you must also be willing and passionate in working in a fast-paced work environment.

7. Risk Analyst

Average pay as per PayScale: ₱374,544/year

Risk analysts collate information with the purpose of helping companies estimate risks that are involved in certain activities and decisions. Further, they assess upcoming projects to see their level of viability and ensure that the risks are considered and weighed as part of the overall decision-making process.

Typically, risk analysts working in the cryptocurrency industry possess strong technical backgrounds and knowledge in relevant regulations and compliance measures.

8. Project Manager

Average pay as per PayScale: ₱527,000/year

In almost any industry, project managers are in charge of ensuring all business opportunities are well-managed and planned out. If you become one in the field of cryptocurrency, you’ll be overseeing various types of blockchain or crypto projects while performing other tasks such as scheduling planning meetings, managing budgets, and gathering requirements.

It can help you land a job in project management if you have relevant certifications and a deep understanding of how the industry works.

9. Marketing Manager

Average pay as per PayScale: ₱702,171/year

Another way to let investors and users discover and learn more about cryptocurrency is through effective marketing. This is where marketing managers come in. They are often in charge of identifying potential users, monitoring market trends, and crafting strategies to help people in maximizing their profits in cryptocurrency.

Working in the crypto world, marketing managers need to be both analytical and creative to be able to enjoy marketing products to the relevant market.

10. Data Analyst

Average pay as per PayScale: ₱303,302/year

Since blockchain information is freely and readily available, many organizations hire data analysts to find opportunities they can maximize and take advantage of. Hence, data analysts examine data to look out for patterns and trends which can be helpful for companies in keeping up with the market growth. Moreover, companies can also devise innovative strategies in marketing their technology by using relevant data to forecast user behavior and the overall direction of cryptocurrency.

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