5 Social Media Management Tools You Need

Bossjob 5 Social Media Tools You Need

If you’re looking into being a rockstar in the social media management (SMM) career path, you’re going to need an arsenal of tools to help you achieve greatness through efficiency and precision in your craft. In this quick guide, we’ve listed the top 6 types of social media management tools you must use.

1. Planning and Strategy

Popular choices like Notion and Google Workspace products (e.g., Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs) can help you get started in optimizing your planning and strategy sessions. This ultimately allows you to set a solid foundation that will dictate the pacing and path of your overall social media management process.

2. Collaboration and Project Management

Working in the social media scene doesn’t always mean you have to work alone on tasks and projects for your clients or company. Social media work can be more fun and fulfilling while working with others. To aid your processes in team management, platforms like Slack and Google Workspace products (e.g., Gmail) are good ones to consider.

You must also use digital platforms to make client and project operations streamlined. Some examples of these tools for a social media manager are Trello, Asana, Airtable, and ClickUp.

3. Content Creation

Being a social media manager means you know what a good piece of content is. Beyond that, you must also have the knowledge and skills to create it. To help you amp up those skills, here are examples of tools that are mainly used in content creation:

  • Brainstorming: Figma, Conceptboard, Miro
  • Writing: Grammarly, Copy.ai, ProWritingAid
  • Design and editing: Canva, Adobe Premiere Pro, InShot

4. Scheduling and Publishing

Being considered as one of the most important tools for social media managers, scheduling and publishing platforms are actually a must-have and must-use. The most common ones include the following:

  • Facebook Creator Studio – for posting, managing, monetizing, and measuring content across your Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • TweetDeck – for managing multiple accounts in one place
  • Later – for planning and scheduling posts for Instagram

5. Analytics and Social Listening

The best social media management tools for analytics help businesses and social media managers identify which pieces of content are performing and letting audiences be engaged with brands. These can then contribute to the potential of gaining more customers and sales. Typically, tools like Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social are among the popular options used in measuring the metrics of campaigns as well as understanding customer conversations surrounding a company’s brand.

Leverage Your SMM Skills and Start Your Job Search Today

Now that you’re well aware of the types of social media management tools that you must have at your disposal, it’s time to put your skills to the test and build your career in the field of SMM.
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