Top 10 Jobs Gen Zers Are Interested In

Gen Zers are people born after 1996 with the oldest in this age bracket being 26 years. The youngest of the Gen Zers population were born in 2012.  Unlike the previous generations, Gen Zers were born with technological developments such as the internet, social media, the iPhone, and enhanced computer technology. This age is, therefore, the most technologically savvy. They are more able to blend on e-commerce platforms, make friends on social media easily, and represent a huge population of entertainment consumers on platforms such as Netflix. 

Additionally, Gen Zers have greater support towards marginalized communities such as the LGBTQ and show more eco-friendly behavior than previous generations. They are more likely to use gender-neutral pronouns to avoid antagonizing those who do not subscribe to the male-female dichotomy. 

Gen Zers also show a preference for positive relationships, are entrepreneurial and prefer a work-life balance to immerse themselves in other life aspects such as entertainment. In this regard, this generational cohort prefers specific jobs that are consistent with their lifestyles and ideologies. 

Here are the top ten.

1. Corporate Recruiter

This is the most preferred job by Gen Zers. Corporate recruiters normally find the best applicants for a job and present them to the human resource department. They comprehensively understand the recruitment process, including assessing resumes, and planning interviews.

2. Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals are responsible for communication between a business and its consumer base and ensure that products and services are promoted on the different media channels. Marketing managers also use social media channels to offer customer services and understand how their products are doing in the market.

Aside from shaping company culture and growing a talent pool, Gen Zers are also attracted to brand-building. Creating corporate persona, championing positive work culture, and community engagement –these are all interesting jobs, especially for marketing professionals… managers, specialists analysts, and more. BPO jobs in Talent Acquisition Marketing are a great fit for what Gen Zers want: to attract new employees by promoting company values, culture, and careers and also studying marketing trends. If this sounds perfect to you, check out TTEC jobs in marketing.

3. Social Media Manager

This is the third most preferred job by Gen Zers is Social Media Managers primarily spearhead social media campaigns and set content to be posted on the various social media platforms. They are sometimes required to possess virtual assistance skills to help them assess community interactions and work remotely.

4. Data Scientist

Data scientists use data to aid in organizational decision-making, by finding trends and patterns, and developing insights. For instance, data scientists may assess trends in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in organizational operations and determine if it is improving efficiency.

5. Product Manager

Product managers determine consumer needs and align company objectives and products with these needs. They work with data scientists, analysts, social media managers, project managers, and marketers to ensure a product is successful and customer needs are fulfilled. 

6.  IT Specialist

This job comes as no surprise given that most Gen Zers are tech-savvy. An IT specialist commonly provides technological assistance to employees, maintains and updates systems, and retrieves files and databases when needed. Employees considering a career in IT must be extensively informed of the latest IT systems, have program, hardware and software certifications, and understand programming languages.

7.  Account Coordinator

Account coordinators ensure clients’ accounts are managed and handled effectively. They work with the relevant teams to manage clients and assess and set goals for the company. The BPO industry particularly has a huge demand for account coordinators as more clients aim towards customer centricity.

8.  Credit Analyst

Credit analysts assess and monitor financial statements and credit risks. They use this information to compile reports on a borrower’s repayment ability. Usually, they are required to have an accounting degree or experience in a business-related field. Credit analysts must also work with data scientists to identify borrowing trends or any discrepancies in financial statements.

9.  Project Engineer

Project engineering provides technical leadership in projects. They ensure that all the technical elements of a project are handled and meet the proper organizational and regulatory requirements. For instance, an IT project engineer monitors information systems, ensures data is accurate, and that everything is compliant with organizational and industry regulations. Project engineers invariably work with project managers to see to it that a company’s project goals are achieved.

10.  Business Development Associate

A Business Development Associate in a company is responsible for market research, building customer relationships, and creating new channels for growth. They must be adequately familiar with the organizational mission, vision, and long-term objectives to identify opportunities that are consistent with these elements. Business development associates are today highly demanded in retail companies, the IT industry, and the service industry. They are required to be creative and strategic and ensure that the product or service provided by the company is growing and performing well.

From this list, it is obvious Gen Zers are looking for jobs with a more technological orientation. Further, Gen Zers are transforming the conventional workplace and are seeking more autonomy and work-life balance. Most employees in this generational cohort do not want to work under employers who are constantly monitoring what they do. They want workplaces and careers where they can try and actualize new ideas and develop new strategies. This means they are more likely to shun bureaucratic workplace cultures and employers with a history of heavy-handedness.

Another important consideration for Gen Zers when choosing careers is a sense of community. Social media has allowed this demographic group to interact with numerous people online and create communities that specifically deal with their needs. Consequently, they want to work in jobs and places that advance their social relationships and promote collectivism. This explains why their most preferred jobs involve handling people and creating relationships. Managers can use their predispositions to communal work to create high-performing teams and develop good relationships in the workplace.

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