Best Flexible Jobs Perfect for Those Who Can’t Stand the 8-hour Grind

There are many people who like to work but hate offices. They can’t stand the uncomfortable uniforms or office wear; the forced sociability in the pantry or perhaps just the thought of being boxed at the four corners of the office all day.

Most office workers, especially the millennials, want the luxury of flexibility-to work remotely at his own time. But are there really jobs out there that can provide you both the freedom and enough compensation? To answer that, of course there are!

Read below to know the best fields for those people who don’t want to be tied to a desk.



This field is for those who don’t like the office ambiance but still likes to be part of a team and socialize. A career in this field involves jobs in the various areas of the hotel, such as housekeeping, food court, spa, reception, etc. There is a huge potential of job growth in the hospitality industry, provided you have excellent communication skills, and a suitable personality to go with it.

The field also carries a wide range of opportunities in the tourism area and this is the most fun part of the Tourism and Hospitality Management. You can work as a tourist guide or a cabin crew. The requirement here is… to travel a lot!

In this field, you get to travel and enjoy the places and meet many people that could possibly be your friends in the future- the perks while you are working.



One of the fields that will give you the flexibility you’ve been wanting. Media companies do not give its employees in the editorial field a fixed working hours because the schedule depends on the project or program you’re in. It’s just two things: either you work under time or way over time. As for the work environment, there are those who work in the office and there are those who are assigned in the field. It’s a case to case basis.

Let’s say you’ll be working for a live TV program. The production takes an hour of pre-production, then comes the airing and the post-production. Most of the time, a member of a live TV program works for only five hours a day. But say you’re part of a film production or TV series, expect a 24-hour work day.

Also, there are times that you are not required to meet your members or go to the office. As long as you do your job and finish it, then you’re all good. What’s important here is the output.

Best careers in this field are: writer, reporter, researcher, director, cameraman, graphic designer and editor.



If you like the adrenaline rush, have a natural inclination to care for people and don’t like traditional office hours, then this field is for you. As a medical practitioner, you build your work schedule around flexible shifts because medical care does not stop at 5:00 P.M. This job requires your full-attention and dedication to your patient. Not to mention, your patience and good values should be with you at all times.

If you’re a personal health care provider, your schedule depends on your patients and there are times that you will be out of the house or hospital to accompany your patient. Where your patient is, is where you should be, especially if you’re a nurse or caregiver.

Other jobs in this field that you might find interesting include doctor, therapist, medical technologist, dietician, and nutritionist.

Whether you’re a night owl, early bird or non-traditionalist, you’ve got options.



As people say, this is the field of glitz and glamour. While it is true at some point, it gets way demanding and far from what people thought it is. However, the most interesting part of this field is that, you get to meet many people-from clients to suppliers, you name it and they have it on their list.

This is perfect for those who are into arts, business and creatives. The main job of a public relations officer is to supply information about a company or organization in a way that makes people have a good opinion of it.

In this field, you can work as a PR officer, marketing manager, editor, graphic designer, researcher, market analyst and multimedia artists. Like the media men, those who work in public relations aren’t required with an 8-hour appearance in the office.

A fixed schedule and an office environment can be distracting. Working with flexible time and environment shuts out all the office drama and disturbances, and provides workers with the ability to focus solely on their work tasks. Flexible jobs don’t only offer the ability to have a better work-life balance, but also often make workers more productive.

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