Why You Should Focus on Choosing a New Boss, Not a New Job

Bossjob Why You Should Focus on Choosing a New Boss, Not a New Job

Changing jobs is normal as you seek a role that fits your skill set, has good remuneration, and motivates you to improve. Of course, this list is not all-inclusive, but people spend hours and hours on websites and career sites looking for jobs consistent with their expectations and life goals. Studies have found that 56% of employees quit their jobs because of bad bosses. So when you are looking for new career opportunities, it is important to bear in mind that you are not only searching for a new job, but also searching for a new boss.

And there are good reasons why this should be the case:

1. Good Bosses Support and Mentor You

Napoleon Bonaparte once stated that a “leader is a dealer in hope.” Coming from one of the best military commanders the world has ever seen indicates the significance of leaders supporting and mentoring their followers. Bully bosses are pretty common in the corporate world and are often easily noticeable through their unsupportive behavior. This indicates you should focus on looking for a new boss who supports and mentors you, not a job that promises great things.

2. Good Bosses May Help Fulfill Your Potential

People want to work in jobs that develop and nurture them into something great. However, most applicants often overlook the role bosses play in unlocking their potential. Unlocking your potential may be getting more transferable skills, upskilling to reposition to a new role, or acquiring those new accounting skills. These cannot be achieved without good leadership to help you. So if fulfilling your potential is top among your life goals, getting a new boss should be your priority instead of focusing on a new job.

3. Good Bosses Will Motivate You

At the beginning of a new job, people are often enthusiastic, motivated, and energetic, irrespective of the character of the new boss. Progressively, this motivation morphs into lethargy and burnout. This is largely allowed by a toxic workplace culture, bad leadership, and lack of progress in one’s career. Nevertheless, with good bosses, the workplace culture can become supportive and motivate you with constant appreciation and rewards for the roles you perform in the organization.

4. Good Bosses Inspire Satisfaction

There is often the belief that getting a well-paying job may promote more satisfaction. So when people search for new jobs, good salaries are always at the top of their list. However, good leadership is invariably the ultimate promoter of satisfaction in the workplace, as good bosses create a healthy working environment for everyone.

If you want to work in a happier workplace, a new boss should be primary in the things you consider. Looking for a new boss instead of a new job supports the truism that people primarily quit jobs because of toxic employers. You must know the signs of bad leadership to spot bosses that are not good for your career. Good bosses work on bettering themselves and those around them. This means everything else you may want, such as happiness, career progress, and motivation follows naturally. So focus on choosing a new boss the next time you make a career or role change and see your professional life improve.

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