Why You Should Contact Hiring Managers Directly To Land A Job

Bossjob Why You Should Contact Hiring Managers Directly To Land A Job

Job applications are always a cutthroat competition between applicants, and sometimes getting an interview depends on sheer luck. However, not many people like resting the fate of their careers on chance. Sending your applications through human resources or job boards means that you are taking a gamble on your application being opened and read. The good news is there is a trick that can increase your chances of having your resume and cover letter read and getting that dream job: contact hiring managers directly! 

Here are several reasons why this approach may work out for you.

1. Hiring Managers Are the Engine Room of Hiring Processes

Applicants are often led to believe that hiring processes are solely a human resource affair. Even though this is superficially true, the choice of talent ultimately rests with hiring managers. It is the hiring managers who determine the skills they want from new employees, as they will be working with them closely. By contacting them directly, you are assisting them in profiling selling them the skills and profile they may be looking for in the company.

2. It Increases Your Noticeability

The most worrisome thing for applicants is that their resume may be left unread. Applicants have to be inventive to get noticed by the right people. Sending your resume directly to the hiring manager almost guarantees that your application will be read. This may give you a headstart to be considered for the job.

3. It Allows You to Get a Deeper View of the Hiring Process

Hiring processes are always clandestine, which puts applicants in profound anxiety. You do not know if recruitment personnel are personally reading your application or if robo-recruiters are doing the work. By getting in touch with hiring managers, you get a sneak peek into the recruitment process and increase your hiring potential.

Chat Directly with Hiring Managers on Bossjob

With the all-new Bossjob App, you can chat directly with hiring managers to showcase your resume and skills. The app is brings advantageous ways that will allow you to reach out to hiring managers faster. Instead of spending countless hours manually raking through job boards, the Bossjob app intelligently matches you with hiring managers based on your job preferences. Once you match with the right boss, you can directly discuss about the finer details of a job, schedule interviews, and determine starting dates.

To chat with a hiring manager directly in your next application, head to Google Play Store or App Store to download the Bossjob App for free.

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