Final Interview: How To Do Well & Get An Offer

job applicant shakes the hand of asian recruiter during in person job intervew

There are about 2.2 million job seekers in the Philippines. But on average, only 2.2% of applicants make it to the final interview. If you’ve reached the last stage of your job application, you’re likely looking for tips to help you land that job. 

So how should you prepare? Your earlier interviews with recruiters and hiring managers are starkly different from your final interview. In the final stage, you’re being evaluated for much more than your skills, and that can be nerve-wracking. But don’t fret, here are tried and tested final interview tips and tricks that have worked for many job applicants!

Research Your Employer

During the final interview, it’s important to show your interest in the position, and you can easily do that by demonstrating how much you know about the company. Go to reliable job portals and research what kind of company you’re applying for – their industry, products and/or services. Find out the company’s vision and mission, the challenges they’re facing, and how you can help them with that, so you can highlight these when answering your final interview questions.

Dress Appropriately

You have one chance to make a good impression with the CEO, so dress well. It shows you’re serious about the job, that you respect the interviewer, and you are professional. Depending on the industry and company culture, the dress code will vary. The rule of thumb is to dress slightly more formal than is required, opt for more neutral colors, and keep your accessories minimal to look polished and not overdone.

Be On Time

Try to show up before the actual appointment time. This shows your respect for the interviewer’s time. It also shows how serious you are about the position. And additionally, it helps you get your thoughts in order and prepare for the interview.

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Your goal in the final interview is to show your sincerity, interest, and fit for the role and company you’re applying to. And you do this by showing off your skills, experience, and fit – not by being comfortable, oversharing, and being candid that the conversation starts to veer off tangent. Remember, the interviewer is looking for every sign that you’re not fit for the job, so the last thing you want is to give them that. Stay on your toes; don’t forget what you’re there to do; and do your best!

Stay Professional

Aside from the way you look, the way you behave and carry yourself have to be professional. Not only does this show your respect to the interviewer and the company, you’re also demonstrating your soft skills, which is going to help set you apart in the final stage of the interview when everyone shortlisted already meets the requirements to perform the job.

Be Polite

Everyone wants to work with someone pleasant. When interacting with your interviewer, you want to sell yourself by showing how nice it would be to work with you. So, be mindful of your manners, be respectful and professional, and try to show thoughtfulness whenever applicable.

Express Your Desire To Join The Team

Besides showing up on time, and looking and behaving the part, there’s no better way to express your desire to join the team than by verbalizing it. Let the CEO know you want to join their company, and don’t stop there, tell them why. Be personal when talking about this, link the role and the company to your personal goals. And without being too repetitive, emphasize this more than once to really drive the point across.

Remain Positive

Even if you have all the skills to perform a job, interviewers will doubt you if you don’t have confidence in yourself. Show a positive attitude; it goes a long way in helping you appear more confident, and tells everyone that you trust your abilities and are a right fit for the role. Not to mention, positive energy is contagious and helps leave a positive impression on the interviewer.

Be Ready To Negotiate Salary

Most job applicants are looking for an increase in their income, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that salary discussions are likely to come up during the final interview, especially during the end. But it’s also normal practice for employers to give a lower offer than your asking rate, in anticipation of a negotiation. So don’t be afraid to negotiate the rate and settle somewhere in the middle of what the employer offers and what you want. This shows the interviewer that you value yourself and your skills.

Follow Up After The Interview

Expressing interest in the job doesn’t end after the final interview. While they deliberate on whether to hire you or not, you can still influence their decision by asking about how the process is going. Reach out to your recruiter or hiring manager to ask about the status of your application. It reminds them you’re interested, that you are qualified, and most importantly, it helps you stand out from other applicants!

Be Mindful Of Your Body Language

Impressions can make or break your final interview. Besides your attire, words, and manners, you should also mind your body language during the interview. Maintaining good posture, making eye contact, and using appropriate gestures exude confidence. Meanwhile, avoid fidgeting, crossing arms and legs, and offering a weak handshake as these convey the opposite and can create a negative impression of you.

These final interview tips can help you get a job offer. But landing the right job is more than just nailing the final interview, it’s about finding the right employer and a job that fits your requirements. With Bossjob, the job search and application process have never been easier! With our AI assisted resume builder, detailed filter, and chat with “boss” feature, you can find the jobs that suit you in just a few clicks, so you can quickly land that final interview that will get you your dream job!

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