Top 5 Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs

Since the success of any organization hinges on its employees’ performance, keeping the best ones in your company should be your top priority. But even excellent employees are hard to retain for some reasons. You have to align your systems with what would work both for you and your employees. Before you do it, you need first to know what pushes them to quit their jobs. So, you will be able to adjust the things that are under your control.  

Top 5 Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

1. Routine and lack of challenge

Top-performing employees tend to get bored when not challenged at work. Too much of a routine can make them disengaged with the job. That said, they are likely to look for other opportunities. It’s either they want to learn new things or handle a more difficult project. Thus, you should make ways to challenge them. But know the difference between being overworked and being challenged. The former is not healthy to the employees. They also need work-life balance. So, giving them too much workload especially if it’s not included in their job description can push them away.  

2. Lack of recognition

Monetary reward is not always the reason why employees get motivated at work. There are times that being recognized for a job well done is enough to cheer them up for their exceptional performance. This inspires them to keep up the good work. Otherwise, they will look for other manager who can appreciate their competence. Thus, before they start their next job search, express your appreciation for their hard work to boost employee morale.  

3. Unjust boss

A good boss can keep an employee despite a low salary. This is why you need to let employees evaluate their managers on a regular basis. Other companies only do the other way around. That’s not enough. It should be a two-way process. By having the manager assessed by their subordinates, you can also determine if there are unjust things that employees want to communicate with the management.  

4. Toxic environment

When a good employee works with people who lack work ethics, it will be a burden to him to go to work every day. He doesn’t deserve to be with coworkers who don’t practice good manners. For the intelligence that he has, he deserves a team who values positive working relationships. Therefore, as a boss, a human resource manager, or an employer, you should have an effective monitoring system to ensure that employees adhere to work ethics so the company can foster happiness in the workplace.  

5. Unfair compensation

Compensation is not limited to salary. Most of the time, the company budget doesn’t allow a significant salary increase. That’s why you can pay your exceptional employees through different forms. They will appreciate a free access to a training program, gift certificate, vacation leave bonus, occasional or periodical cash bonus, and flexible schedule. 

Though there are things beyond your control such as their need for relocation due to personal issues or a bigger opportunity that your company can’t provide, what matters most is you are making ways to keep your employees engaged at work. That’s how you take care of your business assets. But if for any reason they still want to leave, at least, you contributed something significant to their professional experience. Also, that practice can open doors to good referrals. Thus, your company will always have excellent employees to work with.

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