The 7 Best Career Books of 2020

It doesn’t take a one-shot effort for you to figure out your dream career. Sure, others made it on their first try. But generally, life gradually shapes you until you build up blocks of realizations. Those experiences help you redirect your focus into something more meaningful for you. But as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself”, having a reference for your decision can make you avoid the pitfalls. That said, here are the 7 books for career advice to help you gain practical insights.

1. Designing Your Life

Did you really take the right course in college? Many fresh graduates are unclear of what to do next with their lives. On the other hand, even those who already figured it out experience apathy at work after a few years. They get tired of what they are doing. It’s not too late. Burnett and Dave Evans showed in this book that you can redesign your career and life at any age. Plan your new routes by evaluating what you really want to do with your life. Find joy in experimenting again and learn essential things from failure.

2. What Color Is Your Parachute

Richard Nelson Bolles elaborated on the process of job search that can help you get one faster. This book is full of insights on effective job hunting strategies that work for different types of job seekers. If you are a fresh grad, a laid off employee, or a career shifter, you’ll greatly benefit from this time-tested advice. You’ll also learn social media tips to speed up your job search. From writing resumes to interviewing to networking, you’ll know how to get your dream job in the most efficient way.

3. Body of Work

If you are someone who has various experiences throughout your career history that seem unrelated, this book is a good read. Pamela Slim, the author of this book, shares her story of how she managed to weave all the pieces together to discover a meaningful pursuit. You will discern how your accomplishments, passions, and skills can be laid out to develop an improved package of your skill set. That prepares you for your future career.

4. Presence

Harvard professor Amy Cuddy teaches through this book how to focus on inner changes. In order to become bolder at what you do, there’s no need to think of how others see you. You’ll learn how to tweak different aspects from your body language to your mindset. Learn and apply simple techniques to liberate yourself from pressures and perform at your best. You’ll be equipped to face big challenges and accomplish things.

5. Do What You Are

Doing a job that does not match your personality can be exhausting. You will get tired all the time. Paul Tieger will help you navigate the right career path for you based on your personality type. In this book, you’ll discover various aspects that make up your personality like how you gather and process information and how you come up with a decision through your cognitive functions. That way, you’ll figure out what career is best for you.

 6. So Good They Can’t Ignore You

This book is counterintuitive. Cal Newport, the author, disagreed on the typical advice about following your passion. While many people still believe this cliche, he addresses a different approach on how you can arrive at a job you’ll truly love. One of those is a craftsman mindset that offers clarity. Compared to passion, a craftsmind mindset helps you create a foundation upon which you’ll build your dream career. That is, to focus on learning and mastering skills that would make you exceptional.

7. Get A Life, Not A Job

Can you imagine yourself doing what you do now for the rest of your life? Remember, you spend most of your time at work.  Paula Caliguiri, Ph.D. teaches through this book the importance of designing your own work life. You have a choice. You can take control of how you work by intentionally seeking opportunities that can match both your interests and skills. Instead of building your lifestyle around your job, you’ll learn how to do the other way around.

These career books can be your guide depending on your situation. The point is that you always have a choice to pursue what you want. You might fail but you can always get up. Good thing you can grow wiser as you get through it.

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